Day Two

Spent the night under a bench by the Town Hall doors, watching throught the latices for any signs of life. HEL seems to favor grape gum, judging from the sticky detritus beneath their seats.

I have come seeking a man. I gleaned his address from a muck and sputum-stained directory, chuckling privately, and have been punctually waiting at his place of work for the sake of decorum.


My persuasive abilities amaze me to no end. I have, in the matter of a few minutes, convinced the mayor himself to pull up anchor and come away with me into the life of the cast offs.

His secretary was admittedly flustered when I slid from under the seat, but through feats of eloquence I gained entrance into the mayor's private office where I could wait ever so nonchalantly in his lush, frighteningly controversial, chair.

I shall cherish his twitch-eyed revulsion for years to come. That dear moment between myself and the unfortunately named Mayor Hugh Jass.

"Hughey! My colleague, my confidante and loyal compatriat! Mayor of HEL and you didn't send me a notice?"

He burbled, bashfully hanging his hat and coat, all the while eyeing me from his peripherals. "You quit your job again?"

"Ah, the Old Testament rewritten. The big man's fave, fallen from grace." I rotated gleefully in his seat, head propped on wicker-laced fingers. "Call me the devil cuz here I am."

He clamped the leather wings, jarring me to a stop. "You can't stay here, Alex."

I winked. "Don't I know. That's why you're coming with me."

Hugh admirably argued his reasons why, no, never, how could he possibly just leave his citizens and contituents high and dry like some egotistical blahbitty blah. I will admit I wasn't exactly taking notes.

"Hughey," I reasoned, smarting from the disgraceful booting from his chair, "you're coming with me because I know something you don't know."

His mouth twisted sour. He deigned to ask.

I dipped over the desk, nose to capillary-ribbed nose. "What I know is you can't back down from a direct challenge. A direct challenge from someone you secretly admire and deep down really want to be. S'what I know."

I'm always right.

The End

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