Blood will be met with BloodMature

This story is my version of a modern noir detective mystery.
The protagonist is a former beat cop who for unseen reasons is pulled into a series of unfortunate events involving serial killers who are competing with one an other to claim a prize and the title of
Deus Verum Amans.

December 1, 2017

It was like always the start of an ordinary morning for Walter Sphinx.
He began like he always did first picking up a copy of the local new paper and heading to his favorite restaurant where he sat for eggs and bacon and coffee.
But something earlier that morning didn't sit right with Walter as if his intuition was warning him of some danger to come.

[Walter] Why hello there Lana... how is your morning so far?

With a smirk and a smile the old woman in a sly tone answers pulling a pencil from the bun in her hair and a pad in her pocket.

(Lana) I'm still  kicking, at least that's what my doctor tells me anyway.
(Walter) Well that's something i suppose.
(Lana) What's it ganna be hon?
(Walter) The usual.
(Lana) I don't know why i even bother asking anymore.
You've been ordering that same breakfast now for six years, if you eat anymore eggs you likely to start sprouting feathers.
(Walter) I've always wanted to fly.
[Lana] Chickens don't fly hon, they just have a way of warning you when the sky is falling down around you.
(Walter) That sounds i'm just going to have to get uses to being the bearer of bad news.
(Lana) Where were you when i was on my fourth marriage, you could have saved me a fortune. 

The two began laughing as Lana walked to the back room of the restaurant.
Walter unfolds the paper and there on the front page was an article about an arrest he made when he was still on the police force.

Dr. Mitchell Goering Turner was released from prison at 10:00 am. yesterday morning after serving ten years for the murder of nine year old Emily Gibben.
Dr. Turner was an accomplice in the now infamous Sweet Dream murders with his role in 
aiding and abetting his mentor Dr. William F. Lewis. The two men were charged with  anesthetizing unknowing and unwilling patient Emily Gibben and engaging in sexual conduct and harvesting body parts of the victim for personal gratification. Dr. Turner was granted a shorter sentence and special consideration for his help in pursuing Dr. Lewis after the ineptitude of Lead Detective Walter Sphinx and the Corpis County Police Department witch failed to capture Lewis's allowing the Lewis to successfully evaded police for two years. Among the victim's family many have voiced the deal made with Turner is a disgusting perversion of the law and even worse a disgusting failure in human moral decency. So far Turner has refused any interviews only giving a brief statement claiming to still be wrongly accused and falsely imprisoned. Also Turner voiced his thanks for Detective Walter Sphinx in there collaboration on capturing Dr. Lewis stating that he was able to achieve recompense for his immortal sole on judgment day.

Walter folds the paper in disgust leaning back in his seat pulling out a cigarette and lighting up.

The double doors at the entrance fling open as a man in a long coat with a satchel walks in. Walter notes this in his mind because he is not a regular customer watching as the man stops at the counter asking Lana something, she points to Walter and the man walks to his table.

(Man) Are you Walter Sphinx?
(Walter) Yes i am, who are you?

The man reaches into his back pocket pulling out an electronic signature pad and pulls out a package from his satchel and places it on the table.

(Man) I got package delivery for you, please sign hear. 
(Walter) Who's the package from? 
(Man) Don't know i just deliver, but the package is addressed to by name. 
The man tilts his head and laughs softly. 
(Man) Hey did anyone ever tell you, you look like that detective on the news. 
Walter sucks his lips to the side of his mouth smashing his cigarette into the ash tray. 
(Walter) Yeah, i get that alot these days.
Walter signs the pad, that man leaves as Walter opens up the package pulling a cell phone and small electronic tablet with head phones from the box.
On the back of the tablet is a strip of thick red tape with the words "TURN ME ON" written in black marker.

At first hesitant Walter places the tablet on the table and finishes his last drink of coffee looking at the device as he dose so. 
He puts the head phones on then turns the device on.
On the main screen there is only one icon that that can be selected.
He presses his finger on the screen and a video begins to play.

An extremely tall and thin man or woman dressed in a silver tuxedo and white gloves wearing a mask is standing in the middle of a well lit room.
Just to the left on the screen is a person tied to a chair with a paper bag over there head.
The screen turns black and white as strange violin music plays in the background.

The production of the video appears to turn into a silent movie with the person in the tuxedo using body language and hand movement to convey what he is saying as words pop up on the screen to what the person is acting out.


Good morning Mr. Sphinx....

I have been tagged....

Blood has been drawn....

Blood will be met with blood....

This is the only rule of the game....

I am stupendously excised about welcoming you to the game of consequence....

The woman in the chair next to me is named Stephanie....

As a show of my resolve ....

She is going to die....

I need you to accept there is nothing you could have done to prevent this from happening....

Now to enforce the rule of the game....

At 12:00 p.m. today you will go to the Local Museum of Art....

In the first stall of the women's bathroom there will be a mask and a gun and phone....

You will kill one woman at random....

Record your action and upload your video to the site programed into the phone....

If you fail to comply....

The video then pans 180 degrees onto an other person who is tied to a chair.
The paper bag is removed from off the person's head reveling a woman.


Your daughter will be the next to die....

Get comfortable Walter....

This game is a marathon not a sprint....

The number of people you kill is meaningless....

How long can you kill for your daughter before your caught or killed....

If you decide to get yourself caught or killed on purpose....

Your daughter dies....

The last person left standing will get there love one back unharmed....

That could be you Walter....

Shall we began....

Walter slams the tablet on the table ripping off the headphones he run out the front door of the restaurant smashing into the crowed outside, he frantically pushes his way through the people tell he reaching the end of the block. Walter reaches out grabbing a man by his coat collar. 
(Walter) Did you see a man walk by hear just now! 
The man pushes free from Walter with so much force Walter flings backwards landing the street causing traffic to halt near him. 
(Man) What the hell is wrong with, don't touch me! 
In a frantic and panic tone Walter begins speaking aloud.
(Walter) Please, my daughter, it's my daughter she needs help.
Walter makes a seen causing the people around to quickly avoid him and bypass him.
A woman walking by extends her hand helping him up off the ground and out of the street.
 (Woman) Are you okay sir?
(Walter) I um, i..
Walters mind spinning he remembers a detail in that moment.
(Walter) I'm looking for a man that just passed through hear, maybe you seen him, he's wearing a white and gray petticoat.. carrying a satchel. 
(Woman) Oh yes i think seen him leaving that way on a bike.
Walter turns his head looking the the direction the woman pointed him to seeing nothing but a crowd of people and traffic as far as the block leads. He runs his hands front to back through his hair wiping off the sweat from his forehead as he dose so, leaning over with a sick filling in his stomach he gradually stands straight. 

Water run to diner flinging open the doors, he makes a seen fumbling around with the tablet as he puts it back into it's package as the other customers try not to stare at him. 
(Lana) Are you okay hon?, you look a bit flushed. 
(Walter) What!, yeah i'm.. i'm alright just bill me for the food okay. 
Walter runs out the diner in a hurry forging his wallet on the seat. 

The End

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