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                                                         ProPass Part 1


                                  Compilation of sayings announced by the Helpless.

                   Contributed by the Project Passageway society. (ProPass)


Ha Ha”


“The key is in our heads”


“If your reading this it’s too late for me, safety, safety, stay, say SAY SAY SAY SAY”


“Drifting deep alone alone deep drifting ages eyes their EYES!”


“You think it’s over I know better say that eyes drifting deep… deep in the snow we sing a song of love we sow seed of malice”


“S S S S S S s s s s SSSSS”


“Rue the day,

The way may,

Bay Say,





“F S B C D K L A M”


“Cruel words they say to me I know I know I’ll teach them you know it’s fine I’m havin a greeeeaaaattt time this is my place”




“We were so clueless… it is unimaginable, do you see? If you even dare to think outside of the limit

End this

Worldwide air water creatures not one itself

Not [at his point an indescribable new letter is presented] no revise






The proceeding was found scrawled with charcoal from the fireplace on a white shirt in another member of Project Passageway’s wardrobe. It is almost illegible, and scientists were unsure if that truly was what the subject wrote. The name of this individual was Jesse Bland, an infamous political leader. You all know the story of the demise of credit due to his lack of responsibility. To the public eye he was disliked, maybe even loathed. With him as a head member of ProPass the society was sure to be unpopular. However, he believed in the same cause as the society and so was welcomed as a brother. Apparently ProPass members were very socially close, and the team put everyone to use. Most were researching death rates since the four Titans case. Of course, we know now that the death rates were as high as ever since the Titans, but they/it had been picking off people more discreetly. Most of those deaths were considered the average murderer, rapist, or burglar case. That was when… madness?… was less evolved, and the cases were less brutal suicides, cleverly disguised as homicides. Even a name was given to non-existent killers, so called The National Brutalizes.

The second job given to “employees” of ProPass was to give interviews to witnesses of the legendary suicides. In their library, containing all of the scenes, not just ones shown of their channel, a few notable people were found. They reported awful, vivid deaths, some, of which so profound and even vulgar that they will not be typed up here. It is stated that the interviewers of ProPass died first. This added to the belief of a physical contact contagious reaction, and after word got out, people immediately axed and burned their spouses or children if they became… infected. Gruesome, but reasonable. Once interviews reached television, I am confident the thing fed off of it. The attention gave them/it strength to live here, and inside of us.

 The third and last mission members were given was to recruit. They would send out hundreds of people each day to knock on doors, set up stands in grocery stores, create and advertisement team. They crafted up billboards and posters up on every other building. I once had a young smart-looking man come up on my porch, telling me that he and his family joined ProPass for salvation and freedom from The Madness. I politely refused, and he was persistent. If I had come with him, I am certain I wouldn’t be writing this today. It pains me to know this smart young fellow and his family is most assuredly dead now. More then likely the man murdered his wife and child before slitting his own throat. The madness ‘strains’ tradition way of enticing insanity is not understood even now, but it might try to take more then one life in parasitical state. I will more thoroughly explain the thing’s evolution and parasite form in later rants, but I am unsure of how to approach the ideas past philosophers did. They all died, and I worry if I tell you, dear reader, about what I know, you will die as I will.









The End

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