2: Hartmen After WorkMature


                                       Jesse’s Death

This story was pieced together using Jasmine’s perspective

            Jesse Hartmen returned home from work with a splitting headache. He anxiously awaited the Advil he would soon have in reach. But then again, Advil took fifteen plus minutes to activate, and Jesse knew he couldn’t wait that long. No, that was far too long…

 So he would just have to sleep it off. Some nice cuppa tea and a long snooze should do the job. He walked from his contemplative slouch in the doorway to the wooden kitchen, stretching up to grasp the knob of the top cupboard. The Chamber of Secrets, and all that jazz. Jesse brought the accursed child’s lock container down so he could twist off the cap and bring his misery to a sleepy end. He popped the cap off and it clanked down to the sink, swirling down the drain slowly.

            “Oh thanks this is just my day!” He yelled at no one in particular.

His wife answered anyway. “What is it darling?”’

            “Nothing, Hon,” Jesse responded hesitantly, “the Advil cap went down the drain.” This migraine was sparked by the noise, and he fervently went about getting a glass of water for his pills. As he tried to separate one glass from the others in the glass cabinet, they chimed together tauntingly.

            “My lucky day, indeed.” Jesse muttered. He groaned and skipped the water. The pills went with one sour crunch and his mouth was filled with awful salivation. He spat at the sink, and turned to the far away bedroom.

            As he crossed the hallway, a loud, irritating creaking noise emanating from each agonizingly careful step, Jesse whispered silent words to himself with tremendous hollowness.




As Jesse’s wife,  Jasmine Hartmen, awoke she turned to her husband and shrieked, shrieked for an entire minute before fainting. Upon waking up three hours later, the site of her husband caused an awful moment of revelation. Then she collapsed into bitter sobs of disbelief and agony.

Meanwhile, the late Jesse Hartmen watched with dead eyes, the razor blade used to kill himself wedged firmly into his bloody temple.



Jesse Hartmen’s death was just what the world needed to wake up, however severe it was. After his suicide, the wife who slept in the same bed as the dead man also died, a story too vividly murderous and vulgar to tell upright. I will summarize her last moments with no detail: Jasmine had killed a taxi driver, done some horrible mischief with his body involving a tall building with young and old below to watch. The street was dipped in blood, along with it flowing down the Maple Furniture Store. After that incident police were called it, but she was prepared for them. As they climbed the stories and positioned snipers, she pulled out a hostage and the rest I cannot speak of. In the end she was killed by her own hostage, the madness effect procreates with different speeds for every individual. When a police officer named Ben came in to rescue the hostage, he was killed as the hostage slit each of their throats, howling incomprehensible shrieks.

That was what really got citizens to their feet. All across the world, violent and often deviant suicides and murders were happening, and blood investigations showed nothing in comparison. However, the public new. The Montse Epidemic became common knowledge and children were given strict curfews. If a loved one showed unnatural hostility or started ranting, the nation saw it as their duty to burn them. People who stopped a Helpless (the name for people under the Madness Effect) from committing a crime were given badges. Political leaders were only fooling themselves. By the time a teenager demolished several construction sites with a bulldozer, they all knew that the world was just barely holding together, rotting from the inside out. Jesse was a necessary contribution to the sane bank. Thinking back now, I wonder why how we could stop terrorists, nuclear apocalypses, and epidemics but not a certain strong breed of animals… maybe not even many, just one with infamous powers we can’t even imagine.

It was an obstacle that the world was unable to do anything against. And so we watched as our world fell apart under the stress of a planet’s worth of beings going insane.





The End

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