The Evil Twin

I knocked on the downstairs bathroom door insistently.

"Angela get out of there. I have to go!" I yelled at her as I leaned against the door frame and crossed my legs painfully.

"I'm getting ready for a date, use the one upstairs dog face!" She screamed back at me.

"I can't make it up there in time. Open the door, or I'll pee on the floor and leave it for you to clean up!"

She opened the door with half of her head in curlers. She carried a big bag of girl junk in her hand.

"Fine, you can have it. Why can't boys hold their water Mark? I'd really like to know."

She stood there talking while my face turned red with the effort not to wet myself. Sometimes I really hated my twin sister. I shoved her out of the way and slammed the door behind me.

"Witch!" I screamed at her as I rushed to unzip.

"Dork!" She yelled back, as I heard her voice fade going up the stairs.

I was all of five minutes older than her, but I was much more mature than her. Sometimes she could be so childish. I was washing my hands in the sink when the doorbell rang. I hoped it was her date.

She probably wasn't ready yet, she'd only gone upstairs ten minutes earlier. I thought about telling her date that she wouldn't be ready for an hour. I would have liked to tell him that she still looked like a bad science project. With any luck he would leave. That would fix her for making me suffer at the bathroom door!

I didn't get the chance. I heard mom talking to someone at the door. I peeked around the corner of  the living room archway, but I couldn't see who it was. The door was open and in the way. I heard the door close, and mom continued to talk while she walked into the dining room. It was probably Angela's date.

I didn't care anymore anyway, I had stopped being mad. Let her have her stupid date. I had a date with the girly magazine that my buddy Sam's older brother Kyle bought. Kyle sold it to Sam when he was done with it. Then Sam sold it to me. It wasn't in the best of shape by the time I got to it, but I knew it would be sooo worth it!

I passed the open dining room door on the way to the kitchen,  and looked in. My jaw almost dropped to the floor! That was Neil Holmes, the star quarterback for our local college football team. He was twenty one, and Angela was only sixteen! I couldn't believe that mom would let her go out with him.

I quickly passed to the other side of the door where I could see mom, but he had his back to me. I made wild 'come here' gestures at her. She saw me and frowned. I silently said the word "please."

She excused herself as I walked to the kitchen where we could talk privately. She joined me there, and lit into me.

"What is the matter with you? Are you having some kind of seizure?"

"Mom, that guy is in college! Angela's only sixteen. He's too old for her!"

Mom looked at me in surprise. She knew how much we bickered. She probably thought I hated Ange, but I didn't. She bugged me, but I didn't want her to get hurt. I knew some really bad things about this guy.

"He's the son of a friend of mine. He seems like a very nice boy. I know he's a little older than her, but your dad is seven years older than me. Angela is a smart girl, and she's had defencive training. She's not going to let anybody hurt her."

"I know she can take care of herself mom, but that's not the point. There are other ways for her to get hurt. He's a player mom. He loves them then leaves them. He got a girl pregnant, then he wanted to pay for an abortion."

Mom's face paled. I knew her so well that I could tell that she didn't want to believe me, but she kind of did.

"How would you even know a thing like that? Was it just an idle rumour told by someone jealous of his success?"

"No mom, it's true! You know my friend Ellen Kerstead. She wanted to keep the baby, he didn't. He drugged her and took her to a doctor relative of his and he gave her an abortion. She woke up in a strange place, Holmes was nowhere around. The doctor drove her home. Her parents weren't there, and she was all alone with her grief. She really wanted that baby. She cut her wrists. She didn't expect so much blood, so she got scared and called me. I called an ambulance, then ran the whole five blocks to her house. Her parents and the ambulance were already there."

I could tell that mom believed me now, but she still wanted details.

"Ellen went away to a girls' boarding school. She always had good grades. Her mom was bragging about her scholarship when Ellen left this fall."

"That's a cover up mom, she's in a mental ward in the capital city. She drags around a baby doll crying her head off. I know, I've been there!"

"Noooo it's not true! You're evil!"

Angela came at me, screaming and hitting. She must have been listening. I wasn't about to fight her, so I just tried to shield my face. Mom had to pull her off me. I went to the closet and dragged out my gym bag. I took a picture out of it.

I gave it to her. It was a picture of Ellen in a hospital room, holding a baby doll. She was thin and sad looking. Angela looked at it and threw her arms around mom, sobbing bitterly.

I was about to go into the dining room and kick Holmes out, when I heard the door slam behind him. Good riddance!


The End

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