2. BOBBIE

     "Joey?"  A familiar female voice spoke up timidly at his side.  Startled, he turned his head and found himself looking down into Bobbie Clemson's pale, blue eyes.

     "Hey," he said and grinned.  Bobbie was in his home room and Spanish class, and most of his other classes---except for gym, of course.

     "Hi---champ," she breathed in a soft, sweet, caressing whisper, which thrilled and excited Joey in a purely masculine way.  He felt the heat start in the center of his chest and rise all the way up to his cheeks.  His grin grew even wider and deeper.

     He watched her take a deep breath, inflating her already ample bosom and release it slowly through her open mouth.  A soft blush fainly colored her round cheeks.  She looked nervous and even a little afraid, although Joey couldn't understand why.  They had talked many times before, in home room and in the halls, after class.  He couldn't understand why this time should be any different.

     "I was just wondering," she said in her usual strong, firm voice.  And then, just as quickly, her voice seemed to trail away into nothing.  She took another deep breath.  The blush in her cheeks grew darker and deeper.  Joey swore he could almost see her heart flutter inside her chest.

      She decided to try one more time.  "I was just wondering if you had a date for the prom, yet?"

     "As a matter of fact, I don't."

     Another long, awkward pause.  Then she said, "Would you like to go with me?"  The words flew out of her mouth in a frantic rush.

     Joey regarded her for a moment with one eye closer.  "I don't know.  It all depends if you can answer one question.  Are you asking me because you really like me and want to go out with me?  Or are you asking me because everyone else you asked said, no?"

     Bobbie looked shocked, then offended.  Then she smiled.  "A little of both," she admitted ruefully.

     They both laughed.

     "I can live with that," Joey said.  "In that case, I would be honored to go with you."

     "No, I'm the one who'd be honored."  Again, she took a deep breath and placed the palm of her plump, right hand on her wide chest.  "Oh, this is all so overwhelming."

     "Relax," Joey told her.  "It's just another dance, after all.  But what about tickets.  Is there still time to get tickets?  The prom's this Friday night."  Today was Wednesday.

     "I bought two tickets this morning."

     "Just in case, huh?  Cool.  Well, here," he said, reaching in the back pocket of his jeans for his wallet.  "Let me reimburse you."

     "Oh, no.  The tickets are on me.  They're my treat."

     "Okay.  But don't say I didn't make the offer.  Listen, can I call you tonight.  It'll probably be late.  I don't usually get home from the gym until nine-thirty, ten o'clock."

     "That would be wonderful."

     "All right, then."

     Before he could say another word, Bobbie leaned upward and forward on the tips of her toes and kissed him on his cheek.  "Oh, thank you," she whispered in his ear.  "Thank you, very much---sweetie pie."

     She turned and scurried away, with her long pon tail flopping back and forth behind her broad back and her high-heeled shoes clocking loudly on the worn, linoleum floor.

     The bell rang.  Oh, great.  Now he was going to be late for algebra class!







The End

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