Paque's Good-For-Nothing Father

I started to pull into the driveway feeling extremely tired and noxious. Along the way home I had pulled over and gagged in a ditch. 

I turned the car engine off with the twist of my wrist and ejected the keys. At first when I tried to open the car door I missed because of my increasing need to sleep.  I pinched myself on the arm, felt the pain from it, then tried again and succeeded. I climbed weakly out of the car and slammed the door behind me as I clicked on the car alarm.

The gravel crunched under my feet with every step until I trotted up the stairs silently. The black camero parked in front of my trailer home looked wrong somehow. Almost as if I cared more about my car than my home, which is an over statement. Kairi was the one who bought the car after all.

I switched the keys over from the car keys to the house keys then inserted, and twisted inside the lock. The door slid open when I pulled out the jingling slivers of metal out of the lock and slipped them into my pocket.

As I walked in I closed the door behind me.

"I'm back." I shouted with absolute zero life.
Since my mother was in the hospital, my good-for-nothing father has to stay here until she recovers and comes back home. Other than that, there is no other good reason for him to stay here. But, he chose to stay here because he knows he needs me to be his personal slave, and without me, he wouldn't last a day. To me though, he's completely useless. He does nothing all day but drink, gamble and watch TV.

"Good. I could use a beer." Demanded the deep, croaked voice of a man. I slid my shoes off and turned to my right, into the kitchen. "Eh, Paque? That wasn't an option, boy. You'd better get me my beer." He said, grumpily. I rolled my eyes as I swung open the fridge door and searched for what my annoying father requested.
 I spotted the beer cans beside some expired milk, grabbed one of the cans, and shut the fridge door. I practically drug my feet across the floor with every step I took through the kitchen and into the living room. 

Sitting in front of a glowing TV screen, sat a plump balding man with a remote in one hand, and a bag of potato chips in the other. The TV screen gave off a blueish glow to the room, while all the blinds and lights were turned off.
I took a few careful steps to avoid the chip crumbs on the floor when there was a sudden loud cheering noise coming from the television. My father sprung his hands up in the air-chips, remote and all-and screamed along with the crowd. Once he was done spazing at the game, he looked at me with dissapointment. One of his usual looks for me.

"Well? Where's my beer, boy?!" He yelled at me, and I stretched out my arm to him to give the drink. He snatched it right out of my hands, snapped it open, took a drink and turned his attention back over to the football game playing on the screen.

I mentally rolled my eyes as he ignored my very existance and decided to leave the room, through the hall and into my cramped little room.
It was rather dark in my room, with the single lamp in the corner atop the work desk and then a bed on the left, with a small table beside it. On the table, was an iPod docking station as well as a photo of Kairi and I at an amusement park.

Tired out, I walked over to me bed and fell face-first into the soft sheets. I turned onto my back and after a few moments spent getting comfortable, I fell asleep. 

The End

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