Holographic Vision

I slid on my shoes and pulled the door open slightly "bye Kairi." I said.

Kairi smiled "bye Paque." She replied softly. I turned around and swung the door wide open, and stopped with one foot out the door. Oh yeah, I should probably tell her she can call me if she wants to. I know sometimes at night she wakes up after a nightmare and can't get back to sleep because she thinks someone is trying to kill her.

"If you need anything, just call me." I stepped out of her house and closed the door behind me. I galloped down the stairs onto the paved driveway. Parked stiffly on the driveway was a black Camero. Kairi bought it for me on my sixteenth birthday because she thought that my first car should at least be a good one. I didn't want her to buy it for me at first but, she said that if I didn't accept it she would cry. I hate it when she crys so of course I accepted. 

I gave a light jog over to the car then stopped to search my pockets for the keys. Finally finding them, I clicked the unlock button with a chirping noise following after. I practicly jumped in the car when I noticed it was starting to rain. I inserted the keys into the socket and twisted. The engine roared to life as did the windshield wipers. Turning to my left, I grabed the long strap and buckled myself in. I picked up a CD case on the other seat and inserted the disk into the stereo. The song Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park started up as I put the car into reverse and backed out of Kairi's driveway.

Kairi lived on a pretty sweet street. No fences, rather large yards, friendly nabours and most of all a quiet place.

I drove on the highway once I got off of her street. It was pitch black out and hard to see. Pulled over on my right was a police car and two other cars. A car accident probably, I wonder how it happened though.

I continued driving along on the highway. As the song came to the chourus I started to sing along in a quiet whisper.

"I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have to scream. I don't know why I instigate and say what I don't mean. I don't know how I got this way, I know it's not alright. So I'm breaking the habit. Yes, I'm breaking the habit tonight." I then continued to hum the tune of the song.

Suddenly, I slammed on the brakes making everything in my body rush forward then hit hard back. The song stopped and was instantly replaced by static. It took a moment for my brain to adjust to what just happened as I stared down at a particular area on the road. The headlights on my car shinned down on the glistening stream of water. I can see why I slammed down on the breaks, the light from my headlights made the water look like broken glass. 
I let out a sigh of relief and closed my eyes in relief. Once I opened my eyes though, my relief instantaneously faded. The water was no longer clear, but dyed blood red.

Then, as if out of nowheres, a holographic but smaller version of Kairi in a bikini clutching her neck while standing on her toes glitched in front of me. The urge of of reaching out and helping her burned throughout my body but I couldn't move. Not because I was in shock but because I literally could not move.

Her barely visible self vanished then glitched back with her falling to her knees with one of her arms raised weakly above her head.

"Somebody help me! I-I can't breathe!" She cried. The sound of her voice ringed in my head as though she were speaking to me inside my mind but, her lips wren't moving. There was no answer to her cry for help. She glitched away once more before she winced, and drowned. The holographic Kairi vanished as I took in a breath of air as though for the first time. What in the world? Kairi, she... No. It's late at night, I'm probably just tired. That, or I'm going crazy.

I blinked twice and noticed the water was clear again. I exhailed the breath I held in during my moment of shock and rested my head back on the car seat. That's right, I'm imagining things. Well, I'd better get back on track and start heading home again. I shook my head trying to forget about the terrible hallucination that I just saw. So I took the car off of its parked position and started back into the night on the long highway.

The End

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