Time To Go

Kairi's best friend looked up at the clock.
"Hey, it's getting late. I'm going to to go, alright?"

"Alright." I walked Paque to the door. He slid his shoes on and turned the door handle and the door opened a crack.

"Bye Kairi." He said.

I smiled "bye Paque." Paque turned and opened the door then took a step out the door but abruptly froze himself.

"If you need anything, just call me." He told her before he left. I locked the door once it was closed then went into the kitchen to clean up my math papers. After I finished stuffing my work into my bookbag  I left the kitchen and dragged myself up the stairs. I took a left to enter my enourmous room. On every shelf inside my room was a different memory, some of Paque and I while others were of my mother, father and I. I'm an only child and my parents spoiled me to the core.
I put on some light pajamas then finaly layed down on top of my king sized bed and fell asleep in the bleak darkness of my room with only one window that had the only light shinning down from the moon on my bed. Good-night, Kairi.

The End

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