Jen's Annoyance

I walked in a hurry back to the table and sat down in my original seat across from Paque. I picked up from where I left off with my homework and started marking numbers down. There was a long akward silence where there was only the sounds of pencil scribles and Paque scratching at something on the table.

"So, homework on a Friday, huh? That sucks." Paque said quietly while concentrating deeply on his game of table scratching. Your teacher Mrs. Leblanc only gave you homework on Friday so you could catch up. You were falling behind in math. Yeah, I was. I bet these work sheets will catch me up again.

"Yes, Mrs. Leblanc said it will help me in math." I responded casually. The phone started ringing. I froze what I was marking at and headed into the large living room additionally marching over to the coffee table beside the couch. I picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I asked into the reciever.

"Kairi! Long time-no-talk girl!" Jen's loud voice boomed out of the speaker.

I looked up at the clock on the wall "It's only been thirty minutes."

"Whatever. Twenty minutes too long!"

"Well, I suppose." I fiddled my fingers with the spiral cord.

"Yeah, yeah. So I called Josh a minute ago. Guess what?"

"Wh-" Jen prevented me from guessing and immediately spoke.

"Don't guess, I'll just tell you. He's giving you a second chance! Isn't that great?" She requested happily.
Paque suddenly walked into the room and stood beside me.

"Jen I-" Jen inturrupted once again. Paque gave me a questioning look but I refused to respond to it.

 "He told me to ask you if you want to go on a date with him next week on your birthday." She mocked as though I should be thanking her. Tell Jennifer that you're busy on your birthday and if she asks what your doing tell her the truth. I could but, I might hurt her feelings. She really wants me and Josh together and even took the oppertunity to call him and set up a date for us again. But you don't like Josh. No, I don't but I could give him a second chance, for Jen. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Before I had time to reply to Jen, Paque snatched the phone from me "She's doing something with me that day." He said very stern.

Jen's tone of voice changed entirely "Oh Paque! You're at Kairi's house?" She squealed.

"Yeah." Paque said in the form of a sigh.

"That changes everything!" She bellowed.

"Huh?" Paque asked flustered.

"How about you and Kairi come over to my place tomorrow for a pool party?" She insisted.

"Will there be others there or only us?"

"Just us if you want." 

Paque was quick to answer the question "no, invite everyone you know. I'll be there and I'll ask Kairi to come , too"

"Alright then but you know I know too many people to invite them all so I'll only invite a few. See you later Paquie-waquie!" There was a smooching sound from Jen.

"Sure. Later." He said before he hung up. He pretended to shiver and made a disgusted expression which caused me to laugh.

"So?" I inquired desperately.

"So." He repeated.

"Paque!" I shouted at him then punched him playfully.

He laughed "want to come with me to Jen's pool party tomorrow?"

I shrugged "why not?"

"Great!" Paque commented before he collapsed himself onto the couch. I decided to join him and sat down comfuly beside him.

"Hey, do you think that Josh will be there?" I asked.

"Well, the odds are at fifty-five percent." Paque stared blankly at the unlit fireplace before him.

I sighed "if the odds are that high you just know hes going to be there." Kairi, Paque said fifty-five percent, right? Yes. Do your math. That leaves a fourty-five percent chance Josh won't be there which is still pretty high. Yeah, that's true.

Paque looked down at his hands folded neatly on his lap "well if you don't want to go because Josh will be there, I won't go ethier."

My eyes widened and I turned to stare at Paque "no, no, no! If your not going to go if I won't I'll just go, too!" I'm not going to stay if Paque is going to stay home and be upset that he didn't go. That's not fair and I don't want to be the cause of Paque's misery. Kairi, relax. Your over thinking things and your making yourself unhappy. Maybe... I just want Paque to be happy. He is happy. When he's with you.

The End

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