Jen, Pocky and Kairi.

"Just Jen," I gave him another fake smile. "She's trying to set up another date for me and Josh." I told him trying to act sarcastically joyful. Paque took a bite from his cookie and then, as he put it back on his plate he slid his hand over his mouth.

"Josh... She wants to hook you up with Josh?!" He yelled while slamming his hand down onto the table. I stopped smiling.

"Uh, yes. Don't worry about it, I'm not going on a date with-" Paque interrupted.

"With Josh and I'm going to make sure you won't have to deal with that clown ever again." Paque concluded. I sighed then looked down at my work. Paque always gets so defensive whenever he finds out someone hurts me then gets a huge grudge against them.

"Anyways... Back to what you were saying earlier about a special day being a week from now." I said as I looked back up at him with a short reassuring smile.

"Huh? Oh, right. It all started 5728 days ago, when a child was very young. -Just born in fact! She was very smart, nice and generous. Well, destined to be," He winked at me. "When she was four years old, she met the most handsome guy ever. When she saw him, he was eating Japanese candy, Pocky. She must of thought his mom put his name on the box or something because when she came over to say hi to him, do you know what she called him?" He waited desperately for a reply.

I played dumb "Let's see... Candy? Cutie? Maybe... Ugly?" Instead of guessing ugly, why didn't you guess 'friend'? I'm only joking, Verge. I already know what he's getting at. You also know that he knows that you know that. A little confusing there. Yeah, but if I guessed friend and we both already know how the story ends that would only give it away and it would ruin the moment and I'm sure he wouldn't finish the story after that. I see. Besides, it's one of my favorite stories anyways.

"Nope. Pocky," We both laughed shortly. "She became best friends with 'Pocky' for as long as she can remember. Actually, I believe they're still best friends to this day. Yeah, and every year on the fourth of July, 'Pocky' and her celebrate the day of her birth together. Do you know why?" He asked but I just shook my head acting clueless. "They celebrated the day of her birth together because she did everything for 'Pocky' and celebrating the day of her birth is the least he can do in return." Paque smiled feeling satisfied with himself for creating the best story ever. I clapped and praised him for telling it so well "Wow I just love that story Paque! The only minor thing is, you left out one small detail." I got up and slowly walked over to him

"What?" He asked in confusion.

"The part where you save my sorry butt a million times over!" I bent down and quickly clung myself onto Paque. He was so warm. It took him a moment before he noticed what had just happened until he wrapped his arms around me and started laughing. I could hear his heart beating in his chest, as well as his every breath.

We were best friends that cared about each other more than anything. What more could you ask for than that?

"Kairi," He started. I let go of him and pulled up a chair beside his. "Next week on your birthday I'm going to take you some wheres special." He gave a warming smile.

I giggled joyfully "Paque, that's so sweet of you but... You really don't have to." I tilted my head down slightly with my eyes still on him but following my head down. Paque put his hand on my shoulder and leaned down closer to my level.

"Kairi, you honestly think that after 12 years of tradition I'm just going to let you off easy now?" He half joked. I looked back down again and laughed briefly.

"No." There was a long akward silence between the two of us. "Paque, are you finished with that?" I pointed to the crummy plate.

"Yeah." He delicately lifted up the plate which casted a shadow on the table, then gently towered it on top of the other plate. I stood up and moved the chair I had been sitting on out of my path, streched over the long table for the plates and lifted them over into the dark cooking area of the kitchen. I took a few extra minutes to wash  the plates and put them away.

The End

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