The Everlasting Sacrifice

Two best friends in the entire world seem to lead a perfectly average friendship. That is, until Kairi's sixteenth birthday. That's when everything goes wrong. This story was originaly a very joyful story until... Well... You'll find out soon enough. Let's just say that it was altered enough by "Him" that this story, is no happy tale. There are no alternate endings, no life savings, no sudden cures and absolutely no happy ending.

I didn't want to be cursed. But, it's not like I had a choice.
Since you probably have no idea what I'm talking about I might as well start from the beggining.

I had just gotten home from a wonderful day at school and I was sitting in the kitchen doing homework. "Honey, is Paque coming over today? I don't want you home alone while I'm gone."

"Yup!" That was my mom talking. She's getting ready to go to work soon. She doesn't like me being alone because ever since my mom got that new job and my father died from cancer six years ago I was alone everyday almost all day. Except, being alone never bothered my much.

Kairi, shouldn't you be focusing on your homework? Oh right, and that's my conscience, Verge. He likes keeping me focused.

My mom grabbed the car keys in front of me on the table and headed for the door. "Back at twelve. Don't stay up late. Love you, bye!"

"Bye! Love you too!" The door opened then slammed shut. I heard the car engine starting up then starting to fade. I'm alone for a few minutes until Paque gets here.

Paque is my very best friend. I tell him everything and he tells me everything. Theres no secrets between us so we're never akward around each other. 

I jumped in my chair when the door bell rang. I stood up pushing my chair out then walked over to the door. I stood on my toes trying to peek through the glass to see who it was. It's Paque. Verge was never wrong of course so I just got off my toes and opened the door.

"Hey there." There was Paque.

"Hi!" I responded.

"Mind if I come in?" I told him yes by giving him a smile while nodding my head. Quickly, I opened the door wider and politely moved out of the way. He walked through the door and closed it behind him.

"Has your mom gone to work already?" Paque asked.

"Yeah, I'm doing homework in the kitchen." He slid his shoes off and walked with me down the hall into the kitchen. We both sat down in chairs across from each other. Paque put his elbow on the table making his hand into a fist and stacked his chin on top.

"How's it going? Need any help?" Paque asked.

"Yes actually. I'm not the greatest at math..." I turned my work around to him. Paque moves his other hand that wasn't supporting his head onto my work.

"Oh, I see what the problem here is," He pointed to one of the questions I was working on. "You added these two numbers together but your supposed to multiply them." He slowly turned my papers back around to me. I could of told you that. Yeah, but I asked you not to. Well, alright. Hey, I'm kind of hungry now. Ask Paque if he wants a cookie. You should make yourself one as well. Good idea! Paque loves cookies!

"Hey Paque?" I traced my fingers around my paper acting like I don't notice myself talking.

"Yeah?" Paque looked at my dully as if expecting nothing important. I looked up from my papers with a big grin on my face.

"Want a cookie heated up?" I asked very  enthusiastically already standing up. We both love it when we take a bite into a cookie and it melts in our mouths.

"Uh, yeah!" We both laughed. Ha ha, we act like such little kids sometimes. That's not a bad thing, Kairi. Well I guess not. You're right Verge.

I walked around the island and into the cooking area. I opened the cupboard above the counter and took out a big red box. I set the box down on the counter and lifted open the tabs. Inside were little white and red packages. I took two out and closed the tabs back up.

"You know, Kairi," Paque began. I grabbed a large plate put of the cupboard and opened the tiny white and red packages. "It's only a week away before the big day." He reminded me.

"What big day...?" I slipped the two cookies out of their packaging and onto a plate.

"Well, it all began-" He was interrupted by a ringing sound. It rang again after three seconds.

"Oh. Sorry Paque. I have to get that." I said feeling bad.  Accept what he's about to offer.

"It's cool. Want me to heat up the cookies for you?" He wondered already walking into the cooking area.

"Oh could you? It goes in for slixteen-" I stopped and corrected myself. "Sixteen seconds." Then left the room hearing him snickering in the background.

I entered through to the next room and sprinted over to the ringing phone. I glanced down at the tiny screen, it read 'Jen's Cell'. I picked up the reciever "Hello?"

"Heyyy, Kairi!" Said the voice of a young lady.

"Oh hi Jen. How are you?" I replied casually.

"Fine thanks. To the point, Josh called earlier and said you cancelled your little date last night. Details please?" She barked.

"I'm sorry Jen but I'm just not into Josh. I really am sorry." I said.

"Yeah whatever. Anyways Kairi, I'm going to call Josh then I'll call you back later. Bye!" She spoke quickly before she hung up.

"O-okay, bye then." Was my final say even though Jen already hung up. I walked slowly back into the kitchen. I can't believe her. She just doesn't get that I don't like Josh but she doesn't give up on trying to get us together. Don't fret about Jen. Put a smile on that glum face. Paque is still heating up cookies, remember? Yes Verge. I quickly added a smile onto my face and took my spot back at the kitchen table. Paque walked gracefully over to me and set a plate with a single cookie on it in front of me.

"So who was on the phone?" He asked as he sat back down with his own plate with a melted cookie.

The End

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