The Everlasting Ones

Darkness has fallen on the earth. Nuclear war is inevitable. Everyone knows that it will all end soon; that humankind's time is up. But in one last desperate attempt to protect the essence of the human race, the Everlasting Ones are created.

"I know, I know, we're running out of time!"

"Look. We only have a few days to finish this! How is it possible? In a matter of days we're all going to hell. Does this sentimental crap really matter anymore?"

"We will finish this. If we don't do this, what will we do?"

"Wait to die."

"Then let's get back to work."

The Creators know that their end is coming. They are working to  create the Everlasting Ones because they have been waiting their entire lives to create them. They just didn't see it happening this way. They thought that maybe one day the need would arise for a super-race to be used to obliterate foes, or for some other non-apocalyptic purpose. But the time has come, and they all know it. The Creators are at work, creating the race that will be human without being human. Humankind is too arrogant, too prideful and self-centered to imagine a world without its presence. So it creates the Everlasting Ones in its own image, while the powerful men stroke the big red buttons, and the world whittles itself away.

The End

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