She stares up into his eyes and he sees her unspoken question. He thinks carefully about how to respond, about how to explain to her which fragment of his mind became most dominant. He turns away from her, looking away from those deep sad eyes. He speaks softly, so softly that she hardly hears him. He tells her of how he is very close to giving up. He tells her that he is tired of hoping for something that wont work, and that she is not the only one he has found that understands. He turns to face her again, and creates an image of his other choices and hopes, that she understands that he doesnt need to deal with the torture. As he lets the images fade, he tells her he hopes that she learns one day to trust in people who are genuine and wish to help, because they are the ones who can help the most. As he watches her for a moment he decides that it is time. He grabs hold of her hand, and blinks.
They stand in the space he left to escape into his spark. He releases her hand and turns away. He asks her to make a choice. To explain to him everything and to trust him, or to stop torturing his mind and leave his life.

She is sad. She doesnt know why she cant trust him, and cant explain that because she doesnt know herself. She doesnt want to torture him or mess with his head, but she doesnt know what to do. She wants to more than friends, but doesnt want to explain her troubles. He turns and looks at her, and tear forms in one of her eyes. She tries to say shes sorry, but he turns away from her. He starts to walk away, but she grabs his arm and he stops. She asks him to look at her, and he turns his head, that he may look at her without facing her. She tells him that he is asking something hard to do, but as soon as the words leave her mouth, he tears his arm away turns to face her with an angry look on his face

She says its hard to do. As he turns to face her, he thinks of the many hard things he did for her. He cant understand why its so hard for her to do what he did for her, and to do the things she asked him to do. He told her how he felt and what he thought, but when asked to do the same she refused. He turns away from her one more time, and walks silently away. But before he left earshot, he turns his head slightly and tells her one more thing. He tells her that he knows of another that is just as good for him, and that although he wants to help both, he wants to help her to live a better life and to beat the problems she deals with everyday. He tells her one last time that he wants to help, and that he will always be willing to listen and help, and that he hopes she finds happiness with someone, someday. He turns his head back to face forward, takes a breath, and blinks...

The End

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