Almost to the Truth

 Be safe. Her thought echoes through space, at the very instant he reappered from wherever he went. He turns and looked at her, and falls forward through the plane on which they stand. he disappears from her field of vision, but she can hear he voice through the space of light and music.
Why are you here? Why do you torture me in such a way? You mess with my mind causing my thoughts to remain divided. Why do you toy with the heart of those who care? Why do you toy with me, someone who can understand?
She hears and sees countless questions, flying through the space around her. His voice echoes forever, but his tone is soft. She knows he is curious, but she cant be honest with him about her reasons. She knows he wont hurt her, and that he only wants to help, but she cant bring herself to trust him. His voice becomes quieter and fainter, slowly fading to nothing. The music is gone. The light grows less glorious, and his body reappears in the place he fell. the darkness grew less again, and more images of him disappeared. His face is dripping sweat as he stands and faces her

She is still here. Why doesnt she come closer and explain why she is here? The echoes reverberate through his mind, kept from her senses. The last confrontation with his mind was harder than the first, much harder. He fought with his reflection, in a literal sense. His frustration was released, and he was able to beat on his reflection as hard as he desired, releasing the anger and frustration of many years. The part of himself that wanted to destroy everything had been granted its wish for a time and would be quite for a while longer. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he turned away from her to face the last of the fragments. He thinks to himself, and away he goes. He runs full sprint at the closest reflection and tackles it to through to the shifted vie

And he leaves her again. She watches the space where he left the spark, and observes a shift in the dark place. Surrounded by light, the pillar of darkness seemed a tangible thing. Moving carefully closer to the pillar, she reaches out and tries to touch it. as her fingers are about to touch the darkness, he appears behind her. Surprised, she pulls her hand back and turns to face him as he touches her shoulder. She looks into his eyes and sees his unspoken question. She turns away and begins to speak. She explains that she wished she was strong enough to help him, and that she was sad because of that. She turns back to him and watches his face, hoping that he will understand. But as she watches, his face becomes as stone. She watches his eyes

The End

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