Power of the Spark

He was in a spacious light, surrounded by silent music that flowed like water. He could breath the water and drink the air, he could see all the sides of all the objects in this space he created. As he stood in the focus of the spacious light, he could see a darkness spread out above and below him. In the darkness he could hear the eyes and smell the faces of the many figures that looked totally identical to himself. As he breathed in deeply the music of light, he closed his eyes

The light touched her and she suddenly found herself looking in on a brilliant light, and saw it to be the spark that he held. She tries to look around, but realizes that it is not possible. She is there conciously but not physicaly, and is only able to observe. She lets her thoughts travel, and is sudenly behind him, watching as he prepares himself for something incredible

She is here. The fact reverberates through the space, causing ripples in the light and music. He ignores her and focuses at the task at hand. Concentrating on the reflections of himself, he reaches out with his thoughts and absorbs the music and light until he can hold no more. As he fills with the beauty and knowledge, he shifts his attention to the closect copy of himself. As his focus lands entirly on the first, he is thrown into a spinning chaos of blue fire and red snow. The field has changed to a scene of oddities in which he stands face to face with the reflection he choose. The reflection explains which fraction of his mind it is. As the reflection esplains, he walks closer to it and places his hand on its shoulder... And stabs it in the heart with a dagger of light and music. As the reflection staggers back, it starts to fade and collapse on itself. Before it is gone, he kneels next to it and touches its forehead. A stream of light flows through his fingers and back into his head, and he becomes at peace with that part of his mind, and he blinks... He is back in the spark. the darkness has lessened, and many reflections are gone. He hears a thought that doesnt belong. he turns through the light and sees her standing behind him

The End

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