Changing his View

He stands alone, and she is gone. He looks around him, and sees her walking away. He approaches her asking why she left. She continues to walk away, and he gets infront of her, but she walks right through him. Stunned, he stands still. He asks what happened, and hears a voice behind him. Turning around he sees himself, and hears him say that their mind is fractured. Confused, he asks himself what he means by his mind being fractured, and is answered by another voice to the side. Turning, he sees another copy of himself. The second copy replies by saying that because of the feelings and thoughts and forces at work in his head. As he processes what he hears, he hears more voices, and as he turns to each he hears even more all around. As he collapses to the ground under the voices of the fragments of his mind, he reaches into himself and pulls out his spark. As he holds it in his hands, he stares at it wondering why it hurts so much. As the voices get louder, he concentrates on an image. an image of himself being whole. He focuses all of his energy on the single thought, hoping that he can survive the onslaught of wills from his own mind that he may become complete. As he realizes that will alone is not enough, he closes his hand over the spark and shields it from the world with his thoughts. As he tries to starve the world of his spark, he sees a figure in the distance..

She thinks to herself that he looks quite sad. she wonders why he doesn't ask for help, and then she sees him fall. As she watches him while he is fallen, she sees a spark in his hand and then watches as it disappears from view, being covered by his hand. She watches him as the space around him swirls, expands, and collapses on itself. His thoughts can be seen as bands of light shaping the world, creating a space of total solitude. As she watches this wonder of thought and light she notices that a small string of light approaches her..

Who is it? Who dares to watch as he is attacked by his mind? He curls himself tight around the spark, and imagines a place where he can find solitude from the world and himself. As he thinks more and more of the place he desired, the space around him began to distort his view of the world, and he blinks...

The End

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