The View Changes

The world is so dark, and he can feel the box being left behind him. As he falls through the stream of light and knowledge, he sees her face in his mind. He reaches to feel her hair, but feels empty space, but as he starts to look away, he sees the end. He doesn't know why he says its the end, but it is


She looks to the space where he disappeared, and as she watches, a ball of light rises from the ground and becomes a box of light. As she approaches the light, she realizes that it is the box he carried forever inside of himself. She approaches the box that only she can see, and opens the lid and inside.


The end was not as he expected. As he passed through the dark light, he became aware of a man standing in front of him. As they watched each other, the man commanded him to trust people, and to share his life with other people, that he may become whole once again. As they finished talking, he began to fall again, but this time he flew to the surface of the lake of intelligence. As he broke through the surface, he saw her standing there, standing in front of the place he disappeared. As he watches her he wonders why she would watch were he fell, and as he walks toward her, he sees a box of light collapse on itself and shoot into his chest. As his burdens fall onto his shoulders, he realizes that they are far lighter than before


As she watched the box shoot to somewere behind her, she turns, and sees him standing behind her. She sees a puzzled look on his face, and realizes what is confusing him. She walks closer to him and wraps her arms around him and whispers to him that he never needs to be alone again


he holds her and thinks about many things. he thinks about how wonderful it would be if what she said could be true. he thinks about his feelings and how he sees others. and then he blinked.. and the scene changed

The End

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