The Ever-Changing View

This is a story that I wrote trying to make sense of things in my life. I hope that it helps someone, somehow, to do something important to their life.

The anger and frustration bottled for so long begins to escape. She worries for him, afraid he will hurt someone. She knows he will never touch her with his frustration or anger. She watches him as he falls apart, crushed from the box that has been ever expanding since that day. The day his life came crashing down. She watches as he struggles every day, putting on his assortment of masks, trying to hide himself from the sight of others. But she can see at least a part of the truth, hiddden from others by his intricate mask

 He watches her watch him, as he walks through life. She doesnt ask whats wrong, and it adds to the pain filling his life. she keeps her distance and watches as if he cant see her. But the truth is he can, and he hopes that one day she will see he needs her to help him from being destroyed by himself. He wishes for someone to ease his burden, or even to distract him from the pain it causes. He watches the people in their silly lives acting like fools by tring to change the kind of people they are inside. if they only knew the power they each have, the power to be the people they truly are. many change what they are, becoming accepted by others through the changes and sacrifices. But he can not change no matter how he tries. He is trapped in the plan of a greater power than he, and willingly submits to the will of the master

she watches on, and sees the tears he sheds in the hidden places of his heart. She tries to understand what is happening, but she cant see the whole picture. But as he passes her by, she sees a tiny spark in his chest she had never seen before. She watches as he walks away, and shes the spark grow dimmer and dimmer. As he walks through the door, he turns one last time. He looks at her hoping for a sign that he thinks wont come. A tear starts in her right eye, and as he turns from her, the tear falls and the spark in his chest dies, and he falls. He falls, and as he goes he raises his hand and catches the tear through his eyes, moments before it falls to the floor. as he continues to fall, a hole opens in the earth, swallowing him whole

The End

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