The Evenings Spent Together

A reminiscence of the Love Lorn Evenings.


The evenings spent together do remind

Of endless wait and timeless time

Of garnered courage and mysterious words

In garrulous form, like twittering birds.


Strange were the times we spent together

Remarkable as they remain for now and ever

Close as we were through thick and thin

Churning deep feelings from well within.


The wonderful smells & lingering sounds

Of earthen stoves and bantering crowds

Of sniffs of freshness and whiffs of love

Of wanton desires and a memory trove.


The fading sun in the horizons trails

Shining bright, though, sad and frail

The wandering minstrel, blazing hearts

Swinging melodies and whizzing darts.


Oft do the memories churn my soul

 Willful memories in silence cajole

The heart and mind to start and to win

The race of Time cuddling eternity within.    



I yearn for the days gone by and well past

As clouds afar over hills and valleys in a blast

Of rain and thunder in volleys and bursts

Quenching along, never ending thirsts.




The End

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