cracks in windows

sometimes i wondered how we ever got together.  joe is so different to me, perhaps that's it, opposites attract and all that.  but today, as i stared at the crack, it's presence seemed to take on a deep significance for me and, in what seemed like a flash, i suddenly realised that joe could not be a part of my life anymore. 

it was from that moment, that blindingly stark but surprisingly small moment in time, that i began to experience what i can only describe as a heightened sense of my own existence.  whether it was the crack that did it, i'll never know, but i can only say that it's arrival heralded a new dawn for me, one which changed my life forever.

gathering the papers that littered my desk, into my arms i stood up and took the first steps to liberation.  my feet pressed lightly on the bare floorboards in a pleasing fashion, and as i opened the door i heard joe downstairs cough.  he had been in the kitchen working on the laptop when i  left him 30 minutes ago and he sounded as if he was still there.  i pictured him in my minds eye, an empty cafeteire on the table,  doing something that 'needed his attention immediately', something which gave him the excuse to withdraw from my company, which i was aware was something which he seemed to do with increasing frequency.

The End

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