Second Appearance

"So who are we waiting on Master Ventus?" a young man said, standing up.

"A good friend of mine that feels that the king is too soft as well. We met while I was traveling and now they wish to help us. But they had to leave just as soon as we met, so I told them to meet me here,"

"Sir, how are you sure that they will come?" another man asked.

"It sounds like you have no trust in our leader Boris. I am ashamed of  you," a woman said, rising to her feet, flicking a lock of red hair from her face.

"Phoenix, I don't need your two cents about everything. I trust Ventus, and I will stad by him for everything. But we can't just bring outsiders into this matter!" Boris responded.

"It sounds like mutiniy to me," Phoenix said with a mischievious grin.

"Stop it, the both of you," Ventus replied, before setting down on one of the logs and reaching for a glass of beer. He pressed it his lips, before looking around at his followers, "So have I missed anything in the city so far?"

"The beast-kin began to get rowdy today. A sune-kin and some women entered the city today," another man explained.

"Vile, that's what it is. Did anyone help the women?" ventus asked.

"She looked rather comfortable beside him, and that sune-kin was fierce," he continued.

"Just like the rest of them sune-kin, those little tricksters. They'll be the first ones to taste my wrath, and that prince of theirs will be the first to fall. Unless he wishes to join me," Ventus said with a grin.

Rowan swallowed hard, her eyes trailing up to look at Hyde who was still crouching on the branch. The flame was now gone, and she guessed he was going to wait until their guest arrived at the camp. But a frown was etched so deep in his face, she wasn't sure if it would ever go away. Clearly he hate d the way he talked about his people, all though even Hyde said that his people were a bit...brutal.

Suddenly an eerie wind blew, rustling the lives above their heads. But it didn't cease to stop, instead the wind continued to increase with each second it blew. Rowan found herself holding on for dear life as the wind continued to pick up. Hyde was doing the same clinging to the branch beneath him as it rocked back and forth. Closing her eyes, Riowan tried to focus on not getting blown away, when she heard a roar in the distance, gaining ever closer on them. She swallowed hard. It sounded so familiar.

With one more gust the wind began to die down and the camp was still silent. Men and women stood at the ready to fend off teh beast when a mass of black magic exploded from the ground just a little ways away. Rowan frowned and straightened. Two forms were within the black mass and as it seeped back into the ground, all that was left was Night and their follower, the Humonculi Dill. He seemed even larger than before, and had plenty of battle scars over his body. His skin shined like the greatest of armos.

"Sorry, I'm late Lord Ventus," Night said bowing, "Oh, and this is-"

"Death, call me Death," Dill said quickly.

"Death...well that suits you just fine. And Night it's so nice of you to join us. I was just telling my men about you, and how you would like to support our cause. With your abbilities we'll be able to over throw the king. That is if you will help us,"

"Of course I will, but that is only if you help me,"

"And what would that be?" Ventus asked.

"You let me rule beside you, as your...personal assitant, and let me rule over a few cities," Night said, extending their hand.

"Now, now, you can't just come along and ask me something of that proportion. You have to earn my trust,"

"Fine, how about I show you, just how much I can do. I'll summon a full army of demons to fight for you. How does that sound?" Night asked.

"Let me see, and I'll make my decision from there," Ventus said.

"Fine, Death, take a step back," Night said, before reaching into their pocket and retrieving a small box. They twisted a small knob before it sprung open and black souls raced out. They hit the ground, before the ground began to shake and the undead began to rise. They shook all over, brandishing swords and guns. Some even held arrows. Their eyes were pupiless and their skin was paler than the moon above their heads.

"Satisfied?" Night questioned.

"Very, now can they fight?"

"Yes, very well, and they'll listen to everything you have to say. Now do we have a deal?"

"Yes, yes we-"

But just as Ventus was about to rach for Night's hand a large blaze of blue and green flames soared through the air, seperating the two. Their was a loud cry as a few men were burned and few of the undead toppled to the ground. Rowan sprung to her feet before, socking the closest man to her in the face. She then split the earth and watched as many of the undeadf a few of Ventus soliders fell into the ground.

"Hyde and Rowan!" Death hollered.

"Damn it. How did they find this place?"Night questioned, "Never mind that. Death deal with Hyde, while I get Ventus's men out of here,"

"No, we'll stay and fight! We can take a sune-kin and a sorceress-"

'Ventus as your royal advisor, I suggest you do as I say. These two are not to be messed with," Night said.

"Fine, fine, whatever you say." Ventus said.

"Transparta!" Night hollered, and Rowan ducked as black magic struck the man closest to her, and she watched as he disappeared. One by one the men and women disappeared, and last but not least Ventus disappeared, waving as he disappeared. All that was let was Hyde and Rowan, and their opponents Night and Death.

"I'll kill you Hyde and then Rowan will be mine for the taking," Death hollered, racing towards Hyde.

Hyde leaped into the air and out of sight, Death following after him. Rowan watched until she heard Night calling her name. They were leaning percariously to the left as if they were about to fall over.

"I wasn't expecting to see you this soon, my dear Rowan," Night said, and Rowan could just picture them grinning beneath that mask.

"I was hoping I'd have time to ...recooperate before we met again myself. But clearly I can't escape you, even in my dreams. Now just what are you planning?" Rowan asked.

"Your a smart girl, think about it. Why would I take in a Humonculus like Di-Death, or offer to work for the tyrant Ventus?"

"Power, or perhaps your just crazy," Rowan said, frowning.

"Your not thinking tat all me dear Rowan,"

"Stop calling me that," Rowan said through gritted teeth.

"Well, I see what makes you angry, but I bet you wouldn't get angry if that sune-kin of yours called you that would you?"

"You leave him out of this!" Rowan hollered.

"I'm sorry. But your little pet is involved as of right now. Death would just like to use his bones as tooth picks!" Night said, chuckling.

"Shut up!" Rowan hollered, summoning lightning to her hands.

"Lightning all ways lightning. How about you try something new?" Night asked, summoning a large orb of black energy before hurling it at Rowan.

Rowan dove away before she summoned fire, and sent it racing towards Night. They blocked it with a swing of their hand, before sending out another wave of black energy. Rowan summoned a forcefield, before looking at Night.

"You don't have to say the words to summon the spell. I thought you just whispered them, but you are doing all of this with your mind...perhaps I underestimated you. Necron!"

Rowan watched as cracks enveloped the earth beneath her feet, and black vines came racing towards her. She leaped backwards before summoning swords once again, and sending them towards the vines. Moving her fingers all the while, she watched as her swords hacked and slashed away at the vuines. Once thelast one fell, she turned all of them on Night and without blinking sent them towards Night.

Hands erupted from the ground taking all of the swords and crushing them one by one. Night chuckled the whole time, their gravel voice driving Rowan absoluletly nuts. She walked closer to Night who was still surrounded by hands, frowning at him.

"Sorry, but I won't be dying that easily..and here I thought you would want to learn of what happened to your beloved sister!" Night screamed before racing off deeper into the forest.

Rowan followed after them, her gray eyes racing as she tried to keep her eyes on them. Night was just as quick as they were in her dream. She leapt from side to side, before she sent a bullet of magic towards Night. he deflected it easily before speeding up, and levitating off the ground, and zooming through the forest. owan followed their lead, and soon found herself flying beside him. Night looked at her, and Rowan once again got the feeling that they were grinning at her. She frowned, before channeling her magic into her left arm, and sending a devastating punch towards their face.

Her fist met Night's mask and she watched as Night tumbled through the air, before landing hard on the ground. Rowan landed on the ground as well, before she made Night rise off the ground and hover in mid-air.

"What do you have to do with my sister?"

"Sorry, my dear. But that is a story for later, when I'm not confused," Night said with a huckle.

"What is so funny to you?" Rowan asked.

" still care about you sister. You can't even piece together my plan and it's right in front of you,"

"Your gathering people to serve you...but for what reason?" Rowan asked.

"Now, she thinks. How about an army?"

"An army?" Rowan repeated.

"Yes, an army. For what...that is for you to figure out. And by the way, I may even recruit you. I mean you are strong and I can make you stronger,"

"Sorry, but I'll have to refuse that offer. My teacher told me never to trust Necromancers,"

"Well, that really and truly does hurt. But perhaps I can change your mind!" Night said, before swinging their arm and sending a wave of black magic towards Rowan. She collasped onto th eground, dropping Night in the process.

"Now, let's see how well you can handle yourself with an army of undead!" Night hollered, before opening the box of the dead.

Once again souls drifted out of it, before slamming into the ground. the dead rose from the ground, swords and guns in hand. Rowan got to her feet, before spinning around and summoning her fire. She sent it out from her hands knocking the first round of them to the ground. Biting her lip she did it again, but they never stopped. All the while, Night was laughing hysterically, and every now and again Rowan would send a sword flying towardstheir head. Suddenly a undead ran into her, sending her toppling to the ground.

Before she could even get up they were piling on top of her, cutting her with rather long nails.  The ones who didn't pile ontop of her grabbed her arms and held them out away from her.

"A sorceress can't summon anything without handsss," one hissed as it raised it sword.

"No!" Rowan hollered, trying to break free.

"Yesss," it hissed again, swinging the sword behind his head.

Rowan hollered again, before she felt something wrm erupt from her chest. She didn't dare open her eyes, that was until she heard screams coming from all around her. A bright light was coming from her chest, and from that bright light a voice began to speak to her.

"As guardians we will protect you!"

The End

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