Falling, the feeling of falling was somefthing new. She didn't dare open her eyes though. She didn't want to see what she was falling into. The wind whipped her hair across her face, stinging it. She winced at the slight pain before she felt the wind pick up and right her. Opening her eyes, she saw a large, lush green forest rushing towards her. Coverng her face she started to scream, before crashing through the brances and plummeting towards the forest floor.

Colliding with it, she bounced several times before she stopped and looked up at the hole she had just created. Rowan moaned, rubbing her back side, before she rose to her feet. This was all new for her. A gentle wind, rustled the leaves around her, when she suddenly saw a wisp of something pink. Raising an eyebrow, Rowan raced over to the tree where she saw and looked behind it. But it was no longer their.

Their was a tap on her shoulder and turning around Rowan was greeted by a small girl, her dark hair in a mess of ringlets. Gray eyes stared up her before smiling and waving.

"Lily..." Rowan said quietly, looking at her sister.

It's a dream Rowan...none of this is real...this isn't the real lily, Rowan reminded herself.

But no matter how hard she fought from reaching out amd embracing the young Lily, she did it anyway. Lily hugged her back before skipping back to the middle of the clearing.

"You look well Rowan," Lily said, her voice mature.

"I guess I'm ok. But aren't you..." Rowan trailed off, not sure if she wanted to continue.

"Aren't I what?" Lily asked raising an eyebrow.

"I mean...usually about this time, you turn into some monster...then again, everything about this dream is fairly new,"

"Your confusing me Rowan? Do you really think I'll turn into some monster? I am very ashamed of you," Lily said waving a finger at her.

"Ok, so, why are you here? No, better question is it really you-or?"

"Rowan, be quiet. Your rambling is giving me the worst headache. Now to anser your question, I'm just here to check up on you. I mean, isn't that what older sisters are suppose to do?"

"Yeah but...I mean, where are you Lily? Where should I start looking for you?"

"You still want to find me?"

"Yes, yes I do. I just want to know what happened to you," Rowan said looking away.

"Your so stubborn Rowan. Why would you waste your whole life looking for someone who's better off dead,"

"Your not better off dead!"

"Rowan, I tried..I really did. I thought I could...control it," Lily, said shaking her head wildy, "No, no. It was too strong,"

"Lily, what are you talking about?" Rowan asked as she walked towards her sister and bent down in front of her.

"The were right from the beginning Rowan! I should have listened to you but-MOVE!" she suddenly hollered, shoving Rowan aside.

Rowan tumbled over onto the ground, skdding across the forest floor. She guessed that this had to be a dream, considering her sister would never be able to do that in real life. Slowly sitting up a black wave of magic went surging towards her sister. She glared before summoning a shield and then turning and running away. Instantly the figure clad in black darted across the forest floor after Lily.

Rowan leapt to her feet before she raced after them. She ran after them, following the clad figure who had just entered her dream. They were fast unbelievably fast. Rowan concentrated and suddenly felt her legs lift off the ground and her body go horizontal. Then with a blink of her eyes, she was zooming through the forest, flying beside the figure. Through the trees, she could make outtheir lanky body, before black magic surged towards her. She summoned a shield, before she zoomed forward until she was beside Lily.

"Lily, why is that person chasing you?"

"Why are you saying that person. You know who that person is!" Lily hollered, "Rowan you need to get out of here. It's too dangerous,"

"No, I need to see this through till the end,"

"But you may not like what you find," Lily, said looking down,. Another wave of magic surged forward, hitting against her shield. Lily winced before she went tumbling to the ground, her face getting cut up by the branches and thorns that covered the ground.

"I've finally got you!" a gravely voice hollered from behind.

"No..." Rowan said looking back at Lily who was picking herself up.

"Yes...their here as well,"

"Night..." Rowan said, as she watched Night arrive.

They slid to a halt, panting. The masked figure looked from Rowan to Lily, before pointing his hands to Rowan.

"You should have left when you had the chance!" Night hollered.

"What do you have to do with my sister?" Rowan asked standing in front of Lily, and raising her hand.

"Move! Now!" Night said.

"Never!" Rowan said sternly.

"Ugh, idiotic sorceress. Why the hell do you have to have so much honor? And too use to be so...weak,"

"I was never weak! Now tell me what you have to do with Lily?" Rowan asked once again.

"Rowan stop! You need to run, and get as far away from this place as you can! Listen to me for once! Don't worry, I'll be ok," Lily said.

"Shut up!" Night hollered.

"Rowan...please....just do this one thing for me,"

"I can't," Rowan said quickly, emotionlesness deep in her voice, "Night is here for some reason and I need to see why!"

"You idiotic girl! Rot in hell!" Night hollered, before racing forward, hand ready to impale her with black magic.

Rowan summoned her own magic when all of a sudden a flash of dark locks leaped in front of her taking the blow from Night. Their was a loud scream from Lily as the magic ate away at her, all most immediately. Rowan faltered, and dropped to her knees. Laughter soon filled the air, coming from the gravely voice of Night who was slowly stepping away.

"Finally, it's over!"

Rowan shook her head, before she felt a small tap.  Her sister was holding out her hand, a smile on her face. Rowan took it and watched as a bright glow escaped from her sister hand. Night continued to back away, shielding his eyes from the bright light. Rowan found herself doing the same thing, but then stopping as she saw her sisters mouth moving.

"What...I can't here you..." she said.

Her sisters mouth moved once more, as the light continued to engulf her.

Rowan just shook her head, before the light exploded from her sister and sent her tumbling through the air. She closed her eyes, tears dripping down her face.

Why am I crying? This is just a nightmare...this didn't never happened, she continued to repeat to herself, before everything went quiet.


The sound of crickets and other insects rushed into her ears. She was moving, she was sure of that. Behind her she could hear the sound of hooves. Rowan swallowed hard, not daring to open her eyes and face the reality of the world around her, even knowing that here, she wouldn't see her sister. She winced as she felt a small pain in her chest. She sighed, shaking her head,

"Are you awake?" Hyde asked.

"Yeah...I think so,"

"You've been asleep for a while now. I didn't want to wake I could. Your quite the heavy sleeper Rowan," Hyde said playfully.

"Your in a good mood, did I miss something?"

"No, nothing," Hyde said looking back at her, "Why are your eyes closed?" he asked, stopping and adjusting her on his back.

Rowan shrugged before she opened her eyes, and found herself on Hyde's back. Looking up the sun was right at it's beack and she guessed that it was noon. All though she no longer needed to guess, considering her watch was right in her pants pocket. She looked back at Hyde and found him staring back at her with a worried expression on his face.

"Everything all right?" he asked.

"No, and you know you can put me down now, right?" Rowan replied.

"Oh yeah, sorry," Hyde said coming to a stop, and setting her down on the ground. Levi and Shadow came to a halt behind them and above their heads, Shade soared, in large circles.

"So how far away are we from Northton?"

"If you ride our horses the rest of the way, we should be their before nightfall,"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Rowan asked with a small grin.

Hyde grinned as well, happy to see her back to her old self. Rowan pulled herself into the saddle, before she set Levi into a trot, Hyde following her lead.

"Did you have another nightmare?" he asked, his voice suddenly serious.

"Yeah, could you tell?"

"You talk in your sleep. Once you even yelled, and it scared the living daylights out of me," Hyde said, running a few fingers through his hair.

"I'm sorry, but this was different. Lily was their, well the 10 year old Lily and..." she trailed off closing her eyes.

"Who else was there?" Hyde asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Night, they were their as well?"

"That was unexpected. So what was the bastard doing there?"

"Your saying that is if they were really in my dream. But to answer your question, they were chasing after Lily. Night wanted to hurt her, and I can't understand why? What does Night have to do with my sister?" Rowan asked, more to herself.

"I don't know, but I do know something. This gives us, even more reason to find Night," Hyde said sternly, reverting back to buisness mode.

Rowan nodded, tightening her grip on the reins. Things were becoming more and more complicated by the minute. But she couldn't dispute with what Sasha said. The curse of a sorceress was that your dreams all ways revealed something about, whether it be good or bad.  Shaking her head, she let it go, and decided that all she could do was keep moving forward. Nightmares weren't going to stop her, and neither would the mysterious Night.

The End

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