The Pure Festival

The sun rose the next morning to a wide awake Hyde. He hadn't slept since he drowned those two beers, and his mind had been thinking. He never did like it when he over thought things but in these last couple of days, his mind had been flicked into total overdrive. Sitting up, he ran a few fingers through his hair before rising to his feet and sliding into his boots. He had to go see Rowan and make sure she was all right.

He made his way out the room and out into the twon square before he walked down a rather empty street towards the county jail. The county jail also acted as the Royal Regiment Branch of Englante, which wasn't anything new. Most Royal Regiments were doing this now, but in Lardon, they all ways seperated the jail from the branch, which Hyde never really understood.

Pushing the door open, he made his way over to the desk, where a young man was filing several reports. It wasn't until Hyde cleared his throat did the man look up, and then asked what he needed.

"I'd like to speak to Rowan Saga," he said.

"Rowan Saga....Rowan Saga..." he said as he shuffled through several papers.

"She was brought here last night,"

"It doesn't say so right here. Their is no Rowan Saga in my files anywhere,"

What? How can she not be here?

"Are you sure can you check again?" he asked.

"I told you she's not here. Do you need me to take you back their so you can get it through your thick skull?"

"I'd appreciate that!" Hyde said.

The man sighed before grabbing the keys before motioning for Hyde to follow him. Hyde didn't waste anytime and followed after the man nearly leaping over the counter. The man undid the lock and then opened the door, letting Hyde enter. Hyde raced past him, before stopping and looking at the cells. Most of them were empty and the ones that actually had a person in them were all men. Hyde turned back around and spoke to the man again.

"Is their a seperate jail for women?" Hyde asked.

"No," the man said with a sigh, "Is that all for you today, sir?"

"Yeah, thanks," Hyde said as he raced out the building, heading towards the Chief. He ran in a full sprint all tthe way their, arriving at the Chief's door with only a few beads of sweat on his forehead. Just as he was about to knock on the door, Chief Dill answered the door, dressed in all white and gold robes, his hair slicked back. He smiled at Hyde before stepping out and closing the door behind him.

"May I help you Hyde?"

"I went to go check up on Rowan this morning and she wasn't there. What is the meaning of this?"

"Oh, I don't know. The guards should have taken her to the branch...I wonder if she could have escaped-"

"She wouldn't do that! Where is she?" Hyde asked sternly.

"I don't know Hyde. I wish I could help you-"

"Bull! Your the chief of this city, you should know were prisoners are taken!" Hyde said, grabbing the chief by his robe and lifting him off the ground, "So, either your going to tell me, or I'm going to have to turn this whole time upside down, not caring who is in my way,"

"I dare you to try. Hyde, I appreciate you, and I know how strong you are. But you'll never find her. Now I suggest you let me go, before I have to throw you in jail as well,"

"Look, here you bastard...stop playing these games!"

"Who said I was playing a game? I'm sorry Rowan has disappeared, but their is nothing that I can do. Now put me down Hyde!" Chief Dill said sternly.

Hyde gritted his teeth together before he set the chief down on his feet, and storming off, cursing under his breath.

"I hope to see you at the festival," Chief Dill said.

"Rot in hell," Hyde hollered back.

 Once he was he was far enough away, he let out a scream, before leaning against the wall. This was one of the few times that his anger got the better of him. But that anger was also filled with fear, fear of not knowing what the chief was planning.  So the chief wasn't going to help him, in fact the chief was hindering everything. Gritting his teeth together, he decided that the best thing to do was wait till the Pure Festival and watch. When the time came all his answers would be answered.


Hyde watched as men, women and children entered the curch. He was hanging from high in the rafters, not wanting to be seen by the Chief. That was the last thing he needed.  One by one the people of Englante and from other cities formed a line and began to write their sins on a peace of paper. Hyde wasn't toworried about this part. But when it came time for the blood and the red flames, that was when he had to be alert. The entire city of Englante had become his enemy. He didn't know who to trust and had decided to keep to himself for the last few hours.

He would have never expected such a town, as pure as Englante, to have such a corrupt leader. If he could this would be his last time ever entering this city. It was just far to dangerous. He wondered if humans were more dangerous than demons or even sins? He sighed. That was impossible. Compared to the other creatures in the world, the human race was rather weak.

In fact that had been the whole reason they had made weapons like guns and such. At the thought of it, Hyde began to question how humans were able to conquer all of the other races so long ago, if they were so weak now. He would have to look into that as soon as possible.

Suddenly their was an omnious song from below and Hyde watched as everyone cut their fingers with knives and then dropped blood into the flames. With each drop of blood, the flames turned more red by the moment. The Chief and his wife were the last to add their blood, resulting in the fire turning a scarlet red color. The Chief motioned for his peopel to sit in the pews and they did just that.

Looks like the show is just about to start...

The people in the pews lifted their faces to the sky, closing their eyes. All the while they were humming a loud tune, that sent shivers down Hyde's spine. She shook his head, before he watched the Chief's wife fall to the ground. She was sson followed by the people in the pews and the guards stationed at the doors. One by one Hyde watched as the bodies fell from the pews onto the hard ground. Once the last body fell to the floor, Hyde heard the sound of a door opening. Looking back at the stage he saw a secret door was opening and stepping out of it...was the Alchemist.

Its mask shined red in the light of the flames, and Hyde knew that this was his chance. Rising to his feet he drew his sword, and then looked at the Chief and the Alchemist who were observing their work. He leapt from the rafters, falling towards the ground at amazing speeds. He landed on the stage, rolling and then rising to his feet, pointing his sword first at the Chief and then at the Alchemist.

"I was wondering where you were hiding," The chief said.

"It's nice of you to join us sune-kin. Too bad this will be your last day on earth,"

"And what do you tghink your going to use that sword for?" the Chief asked.

"To kill you!" Hyde said through gritted teeth.

The Alchemist laughed, before opening the palm of his hands. All of a sudden a large circle formed benath the bodies on the ground Hyde recongized it as a transmutation circle and then frowned, pointing his sword at the Alchemist.

"Dill handle him, I need to absorb the souls!"

"Sure thing," Dill said, with a grin.

"Not, If I stop you!" Hyde hollered, as he sped forward, his sword raised above his head, ready to bring it down on the Alchemist head.

Chief Dill came inbetween Hyde and The alchemist a long sword in his hand. He pushed Hyde backwards a grin on his face.

"I am your opponent!" he hollered, surging towards Hyde.

Hyde leapt backwards blocking with his sword, before shoving Chief Dill back. He swung his sword, ready to slice into him, only to have it blocked. He frowned, and then continued, swinging his sword as quickly as he could. He watched as the Chief began to lose his balance, and with one well aimed swing felt his sword meet the chief's flesh. The chief just grinned and used his sword to remove Hyde's before he raced forward swing at Hyde wildly.

Hyde looked on in shock, blocking the Chief's fast movements. Not only did he not feel the wound Hyde had just inflicted, but he was a master swordsmand. His technique was something Hyde had all ways envied. But he knew that with master swordsman they tend to grow a bit cocky and with that cockiness also came laziness.

The Chief continued to bare down Hyde, knocking him backwards. Hyde blocked another blow before he pushed the Chief back, watching as he began to lose his balance. He took another swing only to have it blocked by his opponents sword. They stood their pressing against each other, trying to get the other to fall first, but Hyde had something up his sleeve.

"Face it you'll never be able to beat me!"

"That's what you think!"

Hyde took hold of his opponents sword, before glaring at the Chief.

"Sune Flames!" Hyde hollered.

Immediately the Chief's blade was engulfed in blue and green flames, and he dropped it to the ground. The smell of burnt flesh reached Hyde's nose all most immediately as the Chief looked down at his burnt hand, whih was now charred black. Hyde wasted no time picking up the flaming sword and holding it in his other hand.

"You swordsman are all the same. You never take the time to learn your opponents move, or their specialties,"

"I could read you like a book!"

"Then you would have known I was going to use my Sune Flames. And By your shocked expression I'm guessing you didn't know that my own Sune Flames cannot harm me. It would take another sune-kins flame to cause me any damage!" Hyde explained.

"Shut up with the lecture!" the chief said he flipped backwards and then drew a bastard sword from one of the statues on the stage. He rushed towards Hyde, sword ready to inflict a mortal blow. But Hyde blocked and countered, by pushing the Chief back. The Chief lost his blance once again and that's when Hyde sung his flaming sword, hitting the Chief's other side. Burnt flesh filled the air, and Hyde watched as the wound deepened and turned black.

The Chief stumbled backwards, escaping from Hyde's flaming sword and falling against the Alchemist.

"Into the circle Dill. It's time!" the Alchemist hollered.

Chief Dill grinned before leaping into the large transmutation circle. The Alchemist was doing the same, but at the same moment Hyde rushed forward and sung both swords, destroying the Alchemist metal mask. It toppled to the ground and Hyde found himself looking at....

Chief Dill. Well at least his double.

The Alchemist stood beside Chief Dill who was gasping for air.

"I am very privleged to tell you that you have just gotten your first and last look at a Humonculous. This is the last time you'll ever see one!" the Alchemist hollered, slamming his fist into the ground. Hyde tried to enter the circle, but a red shield stopped him. Looking up he decided that he need to get a birds eye view of the situation.

He leaped onto one of the statues and then threw himself towards the rafters. He landed on top and then looked down. Below he saw both Chief's wincing in pain. Their bodies began to tunr to mush, slowly fusing togther to form a new body. Hyde swallowed hard. He didn't want to see the creation that would result from these two comjoining. He raised his flaming sword, before throwing it and watching as it pirced the real Chief Dill's heart. The Chief doubled over before falling backwards onto the ground.

The Alchemist looked over, at his fallen brother before looking back at Hyde.

"You idiotic sune-kin! You've killed the only thing was keeping me from turning into-"

He stopped abruptly before doubling over in pain. He wrapped his arms around his head, his head shaking from side to side. Suddenly the sound of ripping flesh echoed throughout the room, as large black wings escaped from the Alchemist back. His hair grew long and spiky like a porcupine down his back. Horns grew from his splattering blood everywhere.

His hands grew large and his whole frame seemed to double in size. His nails extended into claws, and fangs grew out of his mouth. Lastly a dragon like tail exploded from behind him swishing from side to side. The Alchemist let out a roar as the light increased, his pupiless eyes focusing on Hyde.

"A Sin," Hyde muttered to himself.

"Ready to die sune-kin?" the Sin asked, flapping it's wings and then launching into the sky. It zoomed towards Hyde, before opening it's mouth and shooting flames from it's mouth. Hyde flipped backwards, landing on another rafter. Hyde sped forward avoiding the flames before raising his sword and swinging at the Sin. It roared in agony before swiping a claw at Hyde. Hyde took the blow and went tumbling through the air. He grabbed hold of a rafter and swung around landing on it, croucning down and ready to leap on his prey.

Leaping into the air he swung his sword wildly at the Sin. He guessed that all though the Sin could feel pain, it wasn't much of anything. The Sin's skin was becoming thicker by the minute and took Hyde multiple swings to inflict any kind of damage. Suddenly the beast took hold of him and then sent him plummeting towards the ground,

Like a cat Hyde right himself, landing on the pew, before pushing off of it and then flying towards the Sin. It leapt out the way, hovering in mid air, a sly grin coming to it's face.

"I still have a chance, for becoming the strongest Humonculous. That sorceress will double my powers once I absorb her!" he said laughing loudly.

Turning around he darted for the door, his body enlarging the door, since he had all most doubled in size. Hyde cursed beneath his breath before he leapt from the rafters. He pulled his flamming sword from chief Dill's ashes before racing after the Sin. The all way was large than he expected and the Sin had no trouble running down it.

Seeing his chance, hethrew his flaming sword. It lodged itself in the back of the sin, He cursed once again beneath his breath before taking a swing at his legs. He missed and toppled face first into the ground. The Sin turned around, pulling the flaming sword from it's back, before slamming it into the wall.

"You annoying pest. This is the end of you!" it hollered.

The Sin raised it's claw, ready to deliver a mortal blow, when all of a sudden a crack lightning echoed through the air, hitting the creature square in the back. It hollered before turning around and looking at Rowan.

"How did you escape?" he asked, falling to his knees.

"A sorceress all ways has a back up plan!" she hollered, "Now take this!"

The earth around them shook violently before thorny vines escaped from the walls and ground. Roses budded from the tops, teeth ready to sink into the Sin's flesh. The flowers were moving closer and closer, when all of a sudden a black shiled formed around the sin and a new figure stood inbetween Rowan and the Sin.

"That is enough from you!" the figure hollered, sending a blast of dark energy towards Rowan. It her, knocking her onto her back. Hyde took this oppurtunity to get to his feet, readying his sword to attack. He looked at the figure and found that they ore all black, and that their face was covered by a strange looking mask.

"Who are you? I don't need saving!" the sin hollered.

"Yes, yes you do. If I hadn't come those roses would have devoured you. You didn't have a chance!"

"Just who are you?" the sin asked.

"I am the one that contacted your brother and taught him the ways of Alchemy. I was hoping to have a strong Humonculous, but you a sin, are by far stronger than a humonculous! And I wish to help you,"

"Help me how?"

"Right now you can barely control your powers. Come with me and I will teach you how to control them and you can enact your revenge on the sune-kin and sorceress, for killing your brother!"

"Fine!" the sin said, before placing his hand into the strangers and then disappearing.

Hyde frowned before pulling his flaming sword, from the wall, absorbing the flame. He swung his long sword into it's sheath keeping the other out, just in case. He raced over to Rowan helping her to her feet.

"Looks I saved you, finally!" she said a grin on her face.

"Yeah, you did, but who was that?"

"I don't have a clue, and that was Chief Dill's brother?"

"Yeah, I guess he died and Chief dill used alchemy to revive him and create a Humonculous,"

"Speaking of which were isthe chief?"

"Dead. I burned him alive," Hyde said emotionlessly.

He watched Rowan's expression as she smiled and then began to frown. He raised an eyebrow, before Rowan pulled him inside the room. She pointed towards the many transmutation circles on the walls and grouns. Piles of books lay against one wall, and pictures and notes covered a table.

"This was the Alchemists study. This is where he hatcedthis ridiculous plan. Hyde this whole town is laden with transmutation circles!"

"No wonder the Alchemist decided to hole up here," Hyde said frowning.

"So, what do we do now?" Rowan asked.

"We burn this place to the ground," Hyde said quickly.

"But what about the-"

"Their all dead, at least I think so. We'll have to check them, but their all in the main part of the church," Hyde said, "Come on, it's best we get out of here as soon as possible," Hyde said.

Rowan nodded, and for a moment Hyde thought he saw something flash before her eyes, for just a second. At first he thought it was nothing but thinking back he realized that it was guilt and sadness. He swallowed, that was the first time he had seen Rowan like that, even if it was only just for a milisecond.

The End

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