The Alchemist

As night fell over Englante, Rowan decided that it was time she paid the chief's house a visit. Hyde had returned to her a few hours before and said that once they were finished that they would meet up in front of the library since it would basically empty. When she asked what he had learned from the Old Times, he said that was a story for another time. So she let it go, all though she was rather angry at him that he had gotten to read more of the volumes.

Throwing on her hood and pulling her cloak around her, she disappeared and without taking a look back at the room she had just rested in, she raced down the stairs and out into the cool night. She didn't waste any time getting to the chief's home, and watching as he finished for the night and then made his way upstairs with his wife. She waited until the lights from upstairs were off before she climbed the steps and placed her hands on the doorknob. Their was a small click as the door unlocked and she stepped inside.

The house was dimly lit by candles that were scattered here and there. Rowan picked up one of the candle holders, and then began to search through the papers on the small coffee table. She didn't see anything of great importance. She then made her way upstairs making sure to step lightly. Walking towards the first door, she pushed it open just a bit to find Chief Dill and his Wife sleeping soundly in each other arms. Rowan watched for a moment reminded of how her parents use to lay their wrapped in each others hands. She shook away the memories annd then silently closed the door.

She walked down the hall and opened each door. She found a bathroom, another bed room and small child's room.

"Their daughters room..." Rowan said to herself.

The room was rather large, but had every toy under the sun. Pushing the door all the way she entered the room and spun around. The walls wer covered in thousands upon thousand of pictures. Walking over to the wall, she looked at them and saw that each picture was a day of the girls life. She walked down the wall before coming to the last couple of days.

Their was one that talked about her going to the library and another that ahd the girl and her friends. And the very last one, held the picture of...of...

A circle?

Rowan took the picture from the wall and then held it closer to the candle. It was a circle all right, but the circle had sveral points coming from it and small pictures in the middle. Rowan raised an eyebrow before she sat down on the child's bed. She questioned why a child would draw something like this, when all of a sudden the sound of shuffling feet woke her from her trance.

She quickly blew out the candle and tucked it under the girls bed, before she leapt across the room and hung the picture back on the wall. She leaned against the wall, ebfore she heard the footsteps go downstairs. Sliding through the door she followed after them and found that it was Chief Dill making his way into the kitchen.

She followed him, making sure not to make a sound. Chief Dill stood in the middle fo the floor, before he bent down and then lifted up a hatch. Grabbing a candle from the table, he turned around and began to climb down the hole. Rowan slowly made her way over to the hatch and looked down.  It wasn't to deep, and she guessed she could leap right down without hurting herself.

She waited until the Chief's light disappeared, before she followed after him, landing on the ground with a soft thud. But the candle never stopped as it darted down a narrow hall. Rowan pursued the chief, stalking after him like a cat hunting her prey. Suddenly he came to a stop and Rowan all most bumped into him.

"Enter Dill, I've been waiting for you," a voice echoed from the other side of a large door. Rowan had to be quick.

Chief Dill pushed the door open and she dove inside being careful not to touch him. Once inside she planted herself against the wall and then looked around the room, and she found a tall man, wearing a mask. She nearly gasped, but she kept her mouth closed.

The Alchemist...

The Alchemist was a truly large brute, about the same height as Dill, but perhaps twice as large. His face was hidden by a metal mask that encased all of his face. A long black claok hung from around his shoulder, and he was dressed in black and purple clothes.

"So, is everything ready for tomorrow?"

"Yes, everything should be ready. Now are you ready, it just as important that your side of this Alchemy goes according to plan,"

"Don't worry Dill, I've got it handle. This time tomorrow, we'll be the strongest humans ever created and we begin our conquest. But their is one thing that is bothering me,"

"And what is that?"

"That woman, Rowan Saga, she is trouble,"

"I know, but  I gave her warning, she shouldn't mess around and come snooping," Dill said.

He doesn't know me at all! Rowan thought to herself.

"I know sorceress, they are stubborn, and never listen to orders. Even if she is apart of the Royal Regiment, you can't expect her to just listen,"

"Look, she does anything, anything at all, I'll have her arrested and sent to you. We can use her to make another beast,"

"Hmmm...we are really alike..."

"Yes, yes we are," Dill said.

These guys ard nuts... Rowan thought as she took a step closer to get a better look. Just as she was doing do, something toppled to the ground behind her. She cursed underneath her breath before the Alchemist turned and looked directly at her. She thought she saw him grin, before he made his way over. Rowan stood completelt still, as he walked past.

"I said...sorceress are very stubborn,"

Rowan's heart skipped a beat as the ground around her glowed a bright red color. Looking back she saw that Dill was grinning as well. She frowned before leaping out of the circle just as it was activating. Summoning lightning she sent it towards the Alchemisrt who took the brute force of it. He collasped to the ground before pointing a finger at Dill.

"Summon your men! I'll deal with her"

Rowan didn't waste any time. Donw in this place, she wouldn't have enough room to do much of anything. She sprinted back down the narrow hall way, when all of a sudden something punched her hard in the gut. She went tumbling to the floor, her hand getting stepped on, by Chief Dill who was racing towards the ladder. She was about to fire off a spell, but her hands were suddenly pinned to the ground. Looking down the earth had wrapped itself around her hands.

"Idiot!" she cursed herself.

"Yep, you are an idiot, but now that the chief is safe, how about we take this outside?" The Alchemist said.

"Yeah, let's do that!" Rowan hollered as the earth unwrapped itself and she went racing towards the ladder. She climbed it two rungs at a time before racing out the back door of the Chief's house and entering his back yard.

"Tsk, tsk. You did not make a smart move my dear. You are on my turf. Actually this whole city is my turf," The Alchemist said, slamming his fist into the ground.

Suddenly a large hand rose from the ground and surged towards Rowan. She leapt backwards, tumbling through the air, only to be grabbed by a second hand. She screamed before sending the magic through her muscles and then punching away at the rock. She watvched as it shattered. Landing on the ground, she raced towards the Alchemist, fist ready to pumble him. He just grinned before grabbing her hand and bending it backwards. She hollered in pain before she sent a fist full of wind, sending the bothof them flying in opposite directions. Her hood was knocked off her head, and she was once again visible as he landed on the ground.

"Foolish girl! Face my wrath!"

Slamming his fist back into the ground, fiery birds, soared through air and towards Rowan. she summoned water and extinguished the flames, but like Phoenix's they just ignited once again and came after her. Rowan ducked before she leapt over the fence and then dove under a bush. The birds, set the bush a blaze, and she cfound herself darting out into the middle of the street.

As she ran she fired blast of water at the birds, but no matter what she did, they still came back to life. The Alchemist laughed as he followed after her. She dashed down a alley before appearing back on the main street. She could see the library ahead of her, With Hyde who was waiting patiently for her. Behind her the sound of flames and the earth coming after her, caused her to run faster.

"Hyde! Hyde!" she hollered, before turning around and blasting wind at the birds. That only made the birds larger. She cursed under breath as she continued to run.

Hyde looked up and was about to make his way towards her, when all of a sudden the sound a bullet when off. At first Rowan didn't feel anything, but the next thing she felt was a stinging pain before she collasped to the ground.

Paralyzer...they got me...

They heavy thud of the guards boots echoed behind her, and she looked at Hyde who just stared back at her with pleading eyes. Suddenly the Chief's voice came into ear shot.

"Hyde, you take on step closer and I'll shoot you! You have done nothing wrong. You have just chosen the wrong company,"

"I guess I have.." Hyde said, looking at Rowan, his eyes still pleading.

Rowan looked at him as the guards pulled her arms behind her and then placed the hand cuffs on her. He sighed before he mouthed something to her.

What? She asked herself.

"I'll come back for you," he mouthed once again.

You'd better...come back.... no I can't slip into darkness again! Crap! Why the hell does this allw ays have to happen to me...

The image of Hyde disappeared as she closed her eyes and felt herself being picked up by the guards and being carried away.

Next time Hyde...I'm going to be the one saving you...


Hyde balled his fist as he resisted running to help Rowan. If he did, he would be arrested as well, and the city would be in danger. Instead, he made a promise to come back for her and save her. Chief Dill turned around before facing Hyde a angry expression on his face.

"Woman like that need to be taught a lesson. I'm glad you did the right thing Hyde. I hope to see you at the Pure Festival tomorrow,"

"Yes, you'll see me there tomorrow. You should go get some rest Chief," Hyde said, his face emotionless.

"Yes, yes I should. Goodnight Hyde," Chief Dill said walking away.

The Alchemist was coming after Rowan, so their is no way the Alchemist could be chief Dill. But just who was that?

Thoughts raced through Hyde's head as he made his way back to the inn. His mind leapt from how he was suppose to solve the problem of Englante to helping Rowan get out of jail? He bit his lip. He'd have to pay her a visit tomorrow, as earlier as possible. As long as he got to swap information with her, perhaps they'll have a chance to stop this guy.

But all the while he was wondering how they were going to hold Rowan in jail. She could just use a spell to get out and he knew that even though his words had two meanings, that one he was going to save her, but two that she had to stay their or risk getting in more trouble. The Chief's words leapt back into his head.

"Woman like that need to be taught a lesson."

He prayed to the Gods that Rowan wouldn't come to any harm, and that he would be able to save her. Arriving at the inn he ordered a glass of beer and took a seat at the table, his thoughts finally taking over.


The End

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