The Woman Within the Beast

The Blue Orb hovered over the water for what seemed like an eternity to Rowan. The world had slowed down so much she wasn't sure if she was dreaming or if she was still in reality. The blue orb lowered itself until it touched the water and then began to stretch forward taking on a new form. Legs and arms formed followed by the face of a beautiful woman. Her hair was long and hung in a mass of curlse. Freckles covered her face that made her a natural beauty. Her green eyes watched Rowan, before she began to walk towards her.

"Thank you for freeing me. I'm glad to be back to my old self...even if I am dead...I'm just sorry that you had to do so at the cost of your life..." the woman said.

"What do you...mean...?" Rowan asked, yawning.

The woman didn't say anything but instead, sat across from her, watching her for a moment. At first Rowan saw envy flash across her face, but that soon faded away into happiness and joy, mixed with a strange sense of sadness.

"Your so pretty. Much prettier. than I would have ever been. I'm just sorry..."

"Why do you keep saying that? You can't really...think I'm going to die here do you..."

"Huh?" the woman asked, now confused.

"I have someone up there that is going to come save me, I know that. Plus, I'm not finished here. I may have freed you but I still have to stop this alchemist of yours. Do you remember how he looks?"

"No, he was wearing a mask. But he was tall. Really tall,"

"A really tall man wearing a mask, I'll make sure to remember that. I promise that I'll find him and stop him for you,"

"Thank you. May I ask you a question?" The woman asked.

"Sure, go right ahead," Rowan said, stopping herself from falling over.

"What is your name? I want the heavens to watch over you," she said.

"Rowan Saga,"

"Ok, if that is the place where I go, I'll make sure that they watch over you and your friend,"

"What's....your name?"

"Anabelle," the woman said her voice becoming very distant.

I guess it's time for her to leave. Let's just hope I don't leave with her. I hae being this tired. I want to just sleep for ever. If I were stronger, I could make my way towards the entrance and levitate myself out of here.... Rowan thought to herself.

"Rowan, find the alchemist before the Pure Festival. If you don't find him before that everything is lost..."

"I'll try...good bye Anabelle," Rowan said before she toppled over onto the cold hard ground.

Her vision blurred as she laid there. She could feel her life slipping away from her, and she was beginning to lose hope. By the time Hyde arrived she would be nothing but a frozen corpse. Less than a week out into the new world, and she was all ready saying goodbye. At least she got to save a soul out of the deal. She shook all over, and she could feel all the warmth leaving her body.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Is that my heart slowing...Now, it's much to fast to be my heart. What is that?

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

Rowan yawned once more before her eyes began to close. The thudding sound became more and more distant as she laid their. She tried moving but she was done for frozen.

"Rowan! Rowan wake up right now!" a voice hollered at her through the darkness.


"No, it's Hyde! You know the bastard that your all ways getting into fights with? Open your eyes this instant! Do you hear me? That is an order!" Hyde hollered.

"I'm tired, I'm really tired Hyde..."

"You can sleep later. First just open your eyes, come on!"

Rowan sighed before she forced her eyes open. Her vision was still blurred, but she could just make out the outline of Hyde, his ruset colored hair hanging over his face. He smiled, before lifting her into his arms.

"Don't close them, do you understand me?"

"I understand...but what if I do close them?"

"Then I'll...then I'll hurt you!"

"No you won't," Rowan said, shaking her head as best she could. Her neck was very stiff.

"Yes, yes I would. You would be disobeying an order, and that is the last thing that I need. God, why is it so dark in here?"

"If I wasn't frozen....I could make a light..."

"Don't waste your energy. Hang on, I think were back in the opening to this hole. I'm going to need to throw you on my back. Hold on for dear liife, do you understand?"

"I'll try, if I'll be better than you hurting me," Rowan said with a chuckle.

She felt Hyde set her on the ground, before throwing her onto his back piggy back style. He then wrapped her arms around his neck and then began to climb.

"How are you climbing Hyde?" she asked.

"Sune-kin are execellent climbers,"

"Your not cold, in fact, your very warm,"

"I know, we're warmer than most humans. That is why I'm not affected by this cold as much as you. It's all most as if I have fur around me,"

"Invisible fur.."

"Yeah, invisible fur. Once we reach the top, your going to have to hold on, I'm running in a dead sprint into town all right?"

"Where's Levi?"

"He ran off with Shadow back to town. They were not going to stay here once that beast woke up,"

" know what...?"

"What?" Hyde asked.

"I proved Chief Dill Wrong. I killed that thing, and saved the soul..."

"What soul..."

Rowan yawned once again, nestling her head comfortably in Hyde's back.

"Don't fall asleep yet, we're all most to the top,"

"Tired...and your so warm..."

"Yeah...yeah I know. Look you know what just keep talking. If that will keep you up, talk until it hurts,"

"You know your kind of funny, in a bossy kind of way. And here I thought you were all ways by the book,"

"I am by the book, but I'll do anything to keep my fellow soliders alive,"

"What a brave sune-kin you are,"

"Yeah, I guess you can say that..." Hyde muttered underneath his breath.

As they reached the top, Rowan was finally able to see Hyde. Her vision had become less blurred and she was now able to see a bit of the forest around her. She let out a sigh, happy to be out of the hole. Hyde took in a deep breathe panting. She knew he didn't want to stop, but he had to catch his breath.



"Thanks for saving me. I thought I was a goner for sure. You have to be the bravest person I have ever met"

"Thanks Rowan, that means alot to me. I use to run away from...well everything," Hyde said taking off through the forest.

They steady rythm of his feet kept her awake for most of the ride. Hyde was fast on his feet, faster than she had expected. She really had to hold on or she was going to slide right off. All though they didn't talk the rest of the way, Rowan made sure that she was awake, whether she had to squeeze Hyde to make sure he knew, or sigh every now and again.

"We're all most there. The hospital isn't far from here either. Are you still cold?" Hyde asked.

"Not as much as I was,"

"Good, hey your not stuttering any more,"

"I was stuttering?" Rowan asked.

"Yeah, so I guess you are getting better,"

"Or this is a sign of the end,"

"Don't think that way. I saved you, and you are going to stay alive. You understand?"

"Of course I do..." Rowan said before she slipped into unconciousness.

Rowan's eyes fluttered open, and she found herself in a brightly lit white room. Beside her the sound of loud snoring was constantly making her jump. Everything was quiet. Slowly she sat up, letting the warm rays of sunlight warm her body. She slowly raised her arms and moved her fingers and then her toes. She had survived. Just like Hyde had said. Turning she found Hyde sprawled in a chair, drool dripping from his open mouth. His hair was an absolute mess and his clothes were covered in mood, dirt and blood.

Rowan decided to let him sleep and instead brought her knees close to her bpdy and proceeded to look out the window. She was happy to see the world again. She grinned. That had been her second brush with death.

The Gods must be watching over me. Thank you Anabelle, your message saved my life, Rowan thought, Now, I have to keep my side of the promise and stop the Alchemistm before he can claim another victim.

Suddenly the door was pushed open and a nurse walked into the room, carrying a wrm bowl of soup. She nearly dropped it once she looked at Rowan. She handed her the soup before smiling and asking if she were all right.

"I'm fine," Rowan said with a grin.

"I'll need to bring another bowl of soup for your cute friend over there. Is he single by any chance?" she asked, looking at Hyde.

How any woman could find Hyde adorable at this moment was beyond her, and at first Rowan was wondering if she should even say anything. Sighing she looked back at the nurse.

"He's single but he doesn't see anything girls. He's all work and no play. So don't even try,"

"What a shame, he is the cutest sune-kin that I have ever seen!" she said squealing before leaving the room.

Just as the door closed, Hyde opened his eyes and then looked at Rowan, with shock.

"You finally woke up!" he said.

"Yeah, hey how long was I asleep for?"

"Three days. We thought you weren't going to make it,"

"Please, I'm as strong as an ox. Wait, what day is it? I mean how many days before the festival?" she asked quickly.

"Of the Pure days I think,"


"What, what's wrong?"

"If I don't find the alchemist Englante is done for!"

"The alchemist?" Hyde asked raising an eyebrow.


The End

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