The first words that came to Rowan's mind as they arrived at the city of Englante was pure. Every building was majestic white color and the buildings seemed to be etched in gold. The guards that did their rounds were neat and clean cut, walking all most as if they were on air. Women, men and children dressed in expensive looking clothing that put both hers and Hyde's to shame. Swallowing hard, she just gaped at the beauty around her.

They hitched their horses at a stable a little ways away from the city, and then entered the city, Hyde leading the way. He didn't seem as flustered as Rowan, but nevertheless the beautiful city was getting to him as well. Crossing the town square he suddenly turned around and spoke to Rowan.

"The gun salesman is on the eastern side of the city. You can't really miss his shop either. From their I guess we can go check out the library right?"

"Yeah, but can we see where the chief lives? Just in case," Rowan questioned.

"Just in case of what?" Hyde asked, stopping to look at her.

"If I can't find anything on that creature I'm going to ask the chief if I can have them," she said.

"Rowan, that's rude and breaking ranks. That is the chief desicisons, and it should be respected,"

"But information like that shouldn't just be locked away and forgotten," Rowan said crossing her arms.

"Look, you can do whatever you want, just don't get us kicked out of here all right,"

"I won't I promise," Rowan said, giving Hyde a thumbs out.

Hyde let out a sigh before continuing down the street, muttering to himself about having to tag along with a rude brat. Rowan paid him no attention, getting used to him talking about her underneath his breath.

As the neared the shop, Hyde was right, you'd never be able to miss it. The sign was a giant gun that shot off a fake bullet every couple of minutes. The outside of his shop was laden with specialty guns for hunting and the such and he was even selling a prototype of a strange new milatary gun. Rowan scratched the back of her head, feeling slightly out of place along all of the men. Hyde on the other hand was right at home, picking up a shot gun and holding it pretending to be shooting something.

"Can I help you miss?" a voice came from behind her.

Turning around she was greeted by a middle aged man. He was dressed in a clean button up white shirt and a pair of black pants and boots. His dark brown hair was slicked back, revealing a rather large forehead. Shimmering green eyes looked her up and down.

"Yes, I'm here to buy a gun," Rowan said, "I think,"

"Where are you from sweetheart?" the man asked, wrapping his arm around her and leading her inside the shop, towards a cabinet holding several guns.

"Lardon, the Royal Regiment," Rowan said, shaking loose of his hand.

"I see, so I guess Chief Dugard sent you huh?"

"Yeah, he sent me," Rowan said, pulling a lock of hair, behind her ear.

"Good man he is and...your a sorceress..." he said looking at her necklace.

"Yes, yes I am,"

"Then I have just the thing for you," the man said, opening the cabinet and handing her a small pistol.

Rowan held it in her hands, running her fingers across the smooth metal. It was cold, and deadly. She swallowed hard.

"This is the newest gun, it was created by the milatary and the High Wizardry. This lillte bugger can use your magic to really pack a punch. You see each bullet has a different ability. Right now, the only ones they have are capturing nets and the very handy magic locker,"

"Magic Locker?"

"One shot and any magic user that is hit with this instantly loses their abilities for a few days. It's wonderful if your tracking down some magicfied rebel, don't you agree?"

"I guess, look I just wanted to get an idea. I'll get back to you on that," Rowan said handing him back to him.

"Think about girl! It could save your life one day!" he said grinning at her.

Rowan made her way to the outside of the shop and then over to Hyde who was closing a deal on a rather large shotgun. Turning around he looked her up and down, raising an eyebrow.

"They had one, but I really can't see myself using it,"

"He should you that prototype created by the High Wizardry and the milatary didn't he?"


"Rowan, that may come in handy one day," Hyde said.

"Whatever, look can we just go to the libary?" she asked.

"Of course," Hyde said, leading the way down the street.

The library wasn't much ot a library. It was all most like a minature castle, with several floors. Walking through it's doors, Rowan was immediatelty in shock and at a total loss.

"So, where do we start?" she asked.

"Well, since we're looking up the creature, we should go to mythology. I believe that's on the second floor," Hyde whispered.

Without waiting Rowan was all ready darting  up the stairs, Hyde following after her. In big golden letters she found the word mythology and then darted down the cramp space between the bookshelves.

It looked kind of like a gryfen, no not exactly, but it's a good place to start...

She ran her fingers along the old books before she pulled one out and handed it o Hyde. She grabbed another before leading thm over to a table. Hyde set the books down, before Rowan opened the first one and began to flip through the pages.

"So what are you looking for exactly?"  Hyde asked, opening the other book.

"A picture of the Gryfin, and see if their are different variations of it,"

"Ok, I guess I'll look for that as well. So I guess were not leaving until we find what the heck were looking for right?"

"Right. Have you ever seen a gryfin before?" Rowan asked, as she flipped another page.

"Yeah once, and they all pretty much look the same to me. One visited my village when I was younger. Majestic creatures. You do notice that the creature we saw didn't have wings right?"

"True, but still the way the body was proportioned and all...chimera!" Rowan said quickly.

"Chimera?" Hyde asked raising an eyebrow.

"The Gryfin is a descendent of the creatures known as Chimeras," Rowan read from the book, "Hyde..."

"All ready on it, wait here," Hyde said leaping to his feet, and darting back down the ailes. Rowan continued to flip through the book, until Hyde suddenly returned.

"Nothing, everything about Chimera's have been removed. I should have expected this. Their from the Old Times, of course. The chief had them removed," Hyde said.

"Then let's go say hello to the chief and see if we can look at those books," Rowan said getting to her feet, and closing the book.

"You are really determined aren't you,"

"Yes, yes I am. Is that a problem?" sh asked making her way towards the door.

"Not, really,"

She is going to run me ragged that's all...


The chiefs house was  large and elegant and for a moment Rowan didn't want to disturb the peace. But balling her fist she and Hyde made their way up the stairs and knocked on the door. At first she didn't hear anyone, but a moment later the door opened a rather large man stood before her. He looked her up and down, before looking at Hyde, a look of shock on his face.

"Are you the chief of Englante?" Hyde asked.

"Yes, yes I am how can I help you?" he said stepping aside and letting them enter. Rowan bowed a bit before entering his rather large home. In the middle of the room, a small woman was drinking tea, staring into the weakly burning flames of the fire place. Rowan sighed before turning back towards the chief.

He had to be the biggest man that she had ever seen, and she reminded herself not to get on his bad side.

"So, how can I help you two young'uns?"

"We wish to see the books from the Old Times," Rowan began, "If it's not to much trouble that is,"

The Chief glared at them before making his way over to the women and telling her to get some more tea. He then motioned for Hyde and Rowan to sit down on the sofa. He took the large chair across from them, before he ran his fingers down his face.

"Why do you need those books? All they are is trouble,"

"But they hold to the truth. I fear that something horrible is coming and-"

"And who are you to think this?" the chief asked.

"Sorceress Rowan Saga of the Royal Regiment of Lardon,"

"Hyde Leighton of the Royal Regiment of Lardon," Hyde said as he showed the man his watch and nudged Rowan to do the same.

"Hmmm...did Chief Dugard send you?" the chief said to Hyde.

"No, but we fought a strange creature  that were controlling the bandits of Lardon. We think it may be a Chimera-"

"Chimera's haven't existed for several millinenia, so that is not the case,"

"Sir, that may not be the case. If we could just look at the books..." Rowan interjected.

"Look, those books are nothing but evil. But I'll make you a deal. For the last couple of weeks, we've been hearing strange noises coming from the forest outside of Englante. Every group of men I've sent out there hasn't come back. If you can figure out just what the heck is killing all my men, I'll give you the key so you can see if this is a Chimera,"

"Will you send some of your men with us?"

"I'm afraid not, they are all a cowardly bunch and-"

"Are they going to the forest Dill?" his wife asked, returning with the tea.

"Yes, they are Miriam, but please don't bring that up. I told you my men are looking for her-"

"If you find my daughter...or what remains of her then please bring her back to me! I miss her so much," Miriam cried, doubling over into uncontrollable sobs.

Chief Dill rose to his feet and pulled his wife into an affectionate hug. He turned back towards them glaring for a moment, before a tear ran down his cheek.

"Chief Dill, if we see anything of your daughter we will report it to you," Rowan said,"I promise,"

"Thank you. We're not sure if the beast actually took her, but..." he stopped and looked at his wife, "Excuse me for a moment," he said before leading his wife upstairs, leaving Hyde and Rowan in silence.

"I don't like the sound of this..." he said.

"Me either. But which part don't you like, the fact that their is a beast out their or that the chief didn't tell us about his daughter in the first place?"

"Both, I mean I understand that is his buisness, but if your wife believes that she has been kidnapped-" he stopped as the Chief made his way back down the stairs.

"I hate it, when she gets like this. But you see, our daughter isn't the first person to disappear. From what the people of the village have said, when ever a child or women disappears, the moon is blocked by a strange creature..."

"So, the forest beast is also kidnapping human beings huh?"

"Yes, exactly. I hate having to send you both their by yourselves, but you should be able to handle it," he said looking at Hyde, "If you want your companion here can stay here, I wouldn't want a girl like her getting hurt,"

"I won't I can take care of myself," Rowan said.

"I'm sure you can, but compared to a man, not to mention a sune-kin male, I believe that this task may be a little dangerous for you,"

Rowan was about to say something else, but Hyde placed a hand on her shoulder and rose to his feet. "We'll take care of it right away sir,"

"Thank you son, be warned the creature never seems to sleep,"

"Why do you say that sir,"

"Even when I send my men during the day time...they never come back..."

"Understood. Come on Rowan," Hyde said, nodding to the Mayro. Rowan did the same before she rose to her feet as well and then left the chiefs home. She crossed her arms and waited until Hyde closed the door before she cursed.

"Who does he think he is! We're both in the same boat, just because I'm a woman he thinks I can't handle something like this," Rowan said.

"Rowan, you've probably never met a man like him. Sometimes you just have to let it go. I know you can handle it, but here in Englante their are no women in the Royal Regiment, whether they be beastkin or just humans,"

"But...Hyde I haven't seen a beast-kin since we stepped into this place..."

"I was just saying...don't worry he thinks just because I am a sune-kin I'll be able to handle it. Which isn't the case. Come on we should get going, the forest is a little ways away from here and even on horses we probably won't get their until sunset," Hyde said.

"Your right, we don't need another person going missing," Rowan said, anger still in her voice.

The End

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