Rowan patted Levi's neck as she sat upon the saddle looking into the plains that would lead her to the see of Englante. She wasn't sure where else to go, and so she decided to take up the chiefs advice and talk with the guns sales men that lived there. She bit her lip, thinking a few things through. She wasn't really at a dead end, but she didn't know where to go from here. Suddenly the sound of hooves reminded her that she would now have a companion traveling with her. Turning around she saw a rather unhappy looking Hyde riding towards her, his horse, a black stallion, also looked rather angry.

"You actually waited for me?" he asked.

"No, I was just lost in thought. I as just about to leave actually," Rowan said giving Levi's reins a whip, making him go into a trot. A few seconds later Hyde was right beside her, that stern unhappy look still scrawled across his face. She sighed, if she was going to be traveling with Hyde the least she could do was get some answers.

"Do you know of any libraries nearby?"

"Yeah, theirs one in the town of Eglante, but it probably doesn't hold much, since the chief there confiscated all the books about the old times,"

"The Old Times?" Rowan asked.

Hyde looked over at her in shock, "You haven't heard of the Old Times?"

"Only a little bit, like Salaka existed during that time and that creatures like us ruled the land until the humans took over that sort of thing. But other than that I don't know the whole story,"

"That is just about the whole story, except that their were other creatures that existed during that time that have gone extinct in this,"

"Do you know of any?"

"Sadly I don't. It seems that most cities are getting rid of the Old Time Books. Whether it is to wipe their noses clean or to just stop people from dwelling in the past, you won't find much of it left,"

"Humans are idiots!" Rowan muttered beneath her breath.

"Not all of them. It seems that ones with powers are idiots that's all," Hyde corrected her.

"Yeah your probably right, it's just if a Sorceress was running that city all the documents would still be their,"

"Maybe your right," Hyde said, his ears drooping.

Rowan watched them, they way his ears drooped and reacted with his every emotion. When he was happy, they perked up a little bit, and when he was tired and upset like he wasnow, they dropped closer to his head.. She resisted the urge to scratch behind his ears, before she looked forward. Before them for what seemed like eternity was nothing but plains.

The grass swayed from side to side, reminding her of the ocean on the wesf and east. Every now and again, when the grass was longer a smallhare would dark out in front of them, just missing getting trampled by a hoof of a horse. As time passed Hyde's mood gradually lifted and Rowan, all though she could have traveled without Hyde was settling down herself, when all of a sudden she heard a strange sound. She stopped, and looked around. Hyde didn't stop until a few seconds later and he had to look back at her, wondering what she was looking at.

"Do you hear that?" she asked.

"Hear what?" Hyde asked, making his way back towards her, "Never mind I can hear it,"

Rowan bit her lip before she turned around in her saddle and suddenly watched as something small and golden collided with her. The brute force of the small thing knocked her right out the saddle and onto the ground. Levi went running and she could hear Hyde racing after him.

Gasping for air, Rowan slowly sat up, her head spinning. Everything was a blur. Looking towards the sky, she saw a large black bird swooping down towards her, talons ready to inflict damage. She ducked and covered her head, listening as the bird whizzed over her head. Sitting back up she watched as the bird circled around, it's beady red eyes searching for something.

Rowan located it first. Their lying on the ground in a mess of feathers and dirt was a small bird. She looked from the large black bird that was getting ready to dive down, before she pushed herself to her feet and ran towards the golden bird lying on the ground. She stood in front of it, and then shot a wild wind and the incoming bird, sending it flying back several feet. The black bird tried it again and finally Rowan was resorted to using a forget me spell. She wasn't sure how well it would work on the bird, but it was worth a try.

Focusing on the bird, she pictured the image of the golden bird disappearing from the black ones thoughts. Slowly opening her eyes and looking up she watched as the large black bird flew away, large black feathers dropping to the ground.

"Was that bird?" Hyde asked, returning to her, with Levi at his side.

"I guess it was,"

"That was two big to be a bird, especially if they are living around Lardon. They never get that big. Anyway are you all right?"

"I'm fine, a little dazed and confused, but it'll clear up," Rowan said turning around and bending down to look at the golden bird.

"Is it dead?" Hyde asked leaping down from his horse.

"I don't think so," Rowan said as she touched it's head.

Suddenly the bird made a horrible squaking sound that sent the both of them leaping backwards. It slowly rose to his feet before looking at it's left wing and then lowering it's head.

"That looks painful," Hyde said.

"Yeah, duh," Rowan replied before she bent back down, and gently touched the birds head. This time it made all most like a purring sound, like a cat.

"He trusts you," Hyde said.

"How do you know that?" Rowan asked, examining the birds wing.

"We sune-kin can talk to pretty much any animal. It's a bit harder to understand birds, but we usually get the gist,"

"Well tell him that I'm going to fix his wing,"

"I'll try my best," Hyde said, "All though, I hate doing it,"

Hyde took a deeo breath and then whistled, followed by clicking his tongue for a moment. The golden bird, which Rowan guessed was some kind of eagle, turned towards Hyde and glared before leaping onto Rowan's lap.

"What did you tell him?" she asked.

"What yyou told me too!"

"Yeah right, you probably said we'll eat him for dinner," Rowan glared at him.

"Whatever, can you just heal the bird so we can get moving,"

"Yeah, yeah,"

Rowan placed a few fingers on the birds broken wing and then pictured the bones mending together. She pictured their movements once they were healed and the bird soaring through the sky with his new wing. Their was a slight pop as it went back into place and then healed together. The bird chirped loudly before lifting into the air and then landing before her.

"I guess that was thank you,"

"He said that hurt, but thanks," Hyde said, looking rather annoyed, since he had to translate.

"Your welcome," Rowan said getting to her feet. The bird, flew up and looked her in the eye before landing on her shoulder.

Rowan looked from Hyde to the bird, before she sighed. She silently thanked the gods that the bird wasn't an eagle. In fact it was about the size of sparrow.


"He's repaying the favor. He'll do whatever you say," Hyde said hopping onto his horse, "Can we go?" Hyde asked impatiently.

"What's your problem? Why are you suddenly in a bad mood?" Rowan asked, before she trotted beside him.

"We're wasting time and I hate having to speak to animals and translate for them,"

"Why?' Rowan asked quickly.

"It's bother some, knowing what every fricking animal has to say, might I add, animals have a very negative thought process ok,"

"You don't have to go any farther than that Hyde. But You should be happy to have a gift like that. I'd love to know what this little guy is saying,"

"I'm guessing your going to keep him right?"

"Of course I am! If he's going to offer to help, then he can come right along for the trip,"

"How did I know you were going to say that?"

"What's his name?" Rowan asked.

"Shade," Hyde said annoyance still in his voice.

"Shade, tell HYde to lighten up and be happy that he has this gift!"

Shade leaped off of her shiulder and then flew inbetween them, squaking and chirping at Hyde, ready to peck his eyes out. It wasn't until Rowan called him back did Shade relax.


"Rowan, you do not want to know what that little bird said," was all Hyde could say before he whipped the reins and started off in a dead sprint. Rowan chuckled and then followed his lead, Shade taking off from her shoulder and flying above the two of them.

The End

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