The Royal Regiment

They returned to the Royal Regiment to find that it was in total disarray. Men and women darted across the room, delivering papers and trying to send messages to the other branches. Hyde had to duck as a wad of paper went flying towards his head. Following his lead Rowan somehow found herself going up the stairs a nd in the safety of the empty second floor hall way. Hyde hadn't said a word, since they decided to some see the chief and it was quiet disturbing. She wanted to talk to him, but that stern look on his face all ways turned her away.

Arriving at the chiefs room, they found that it was empty all except for the chief who was nodding off at his desk. Hyde cleared his throat, making the chief jump and fall right off his chair. Hit the floor with a thud before he leaped back to his feet and made his way over to Hyde and Rowan shaking their hands vigoursly.

"Great work out there. I heard you two were quite a team,"

"I guess you can say that," Hyde said, crossing his arms.

"So, Miss Saga, what was that creature controlling the bandits?"

"I'm sorry Chief Dugard, but I don't have the slightest clue, that was a first for me," she said.

"I see, do you think their are more of it's kind?" he asked.

"I would think so, but I'd rather not jump to conclusions. This is only our first time facing something like this,"

"True, true. Now Rowan I have another question for you? What would you say if I offered you a position within the Riyal Regiment?"

"I'd say thank you, but no thanks. Lardon is going to be the place were I settle down and I know it can never give me all the answers that I need so...I'm sorry, but I'll have to refuse,"

"Oh no. We would never root you down here. You'd be free to leave and travel the world, as long as you help out when you are needed. Nothing to much. I mean just think of the oppurtunities that you'll get!" Chief Dugard said elated, trying to presuaed her.

"Will you give me time to think about this all?" she asked.

"Of course! Just don't keep me waiting to long, ok?"

Rowan nodded, grinning gently.

"Hyde, you are to be her escort until she decides to leave Lardon, understood?"

"Understood," Hyde said with a salute.

With that they were dismissed. They quickly made their way down the hall way and out of the buildin. It wasn't until they began to walk, did Hyde finally begin to speak.

"Why did you turn down his offer?" he asked.

"I didn't want to make a rash decision. I have to think about my options you know? I mean this is a huge decision," Rowan said crossing her arms.

"Of course. But just think of what the Royal Regiment can do for you. I mean your all ready a power sorceress so joing with the Royal Regiment would make you that much stronger," Hyde explained.

"I know, but I'll think about it. Hmmm...You know what I could go for right now?"

"What?" Hyde asked, staring off into space.

"A couple of beers. I mean we're off the job now, so theirs no harm in a few beers right?"

"I guess, but it doesn't seem all that professional-"

"Who cares if it's professional? Do you ever have any fun Hyde?"

"Sleep is when I have fun,"

"Lame, come on let's get some beer!" she said.

"Fine, whatever," Hyde said admitting defeat.

Rowan smiled, before she raced down the street Hyde following after her. They arrived at the bar and grabbed apair of seats by the nice warm fire. Rowan warmed her hands in front of it, before she took a look around. Women in short dresses weaved their way throughout the tables delivering bottles of beer and wine. Onthe other side of the bar men and women were gambling having some fun, and the bartender was screaming at a man who had hadf a little to much to drink.

"Welcome, what can I get you?" a woman asked, as she arrived at their table. She couldn't have been but a few years older than Rowan herself.

"Two beers pease!"

"Two beers coming right up!" the woman said as she turned around on her heels and shot a look at Hyde. Rowan looked at Hyde who was completly in his own universe.

He didn't even see the girl look at him. Crossing her arms Rowan leaned back against her chair and glared at him. It was a few minutes before he spoke and said, "Did I do something wrong?"

"Yeah! That girl was trying to get your attention and you just ignored her! How naive can you be!"

"I don't pay attention to trivial things like that. In my village, you are arranged to a man or women from birth so yeah,"

"But your not in your village. The least you can do is live a little bit. Jeez, have a life,"

"Look, I don't have anything else to do but work, but of course someone like you wouldn't understand that. You've lived a carefree life for 13 years. I bet you've never had to worry about anything!"

"Don't even start to compare our lives. Those are two different things. I had my parents killed, lost my sister, lost my friends. So don't even start to compare us!"

"So, what makes you so special? That's how life is, people lose their parents and's apart of life? So why should be treated any differently?"

"First off, you don't even know the story, so until you do, you'll never be able to judge my life. And secondly I am way better off than you, mr. work is my life!"

"That's because work is my life, I have nothing else to live for!"

"Bull! That is total bull! If you stopped concentrating on work, so much, you'd have a life. But now that is all you can do!"

"I don't need to take this from a brat..." Hyde said getting to his feet.

"Fine, go ahead and go back your job. You have no life anyway!" Rowan hollered.

Hyde glared at her, before he turned and left her. Rowan frowned before she rose to her feet, passing the woman who was about to deliver their beers. She marched her way up the stairs, shaking her head furiously. She reached the room, Hyde had rented out for her she slammed and locked the door. Shefell onto her bed, burying her face into the pillow before she let out a moan.

She needed to get out of here. All she was doing was causing more and more trouble. And she didn't want to face that Hyde again. That was the last thing she needed to do. He was the most insufferable person she had ever met. Rolling onto her back. she began to stare at the ceiling clearing her head.

But the Chiefs offer is a good one. If I'm apart of the Riyal Regiment I'll be able to reach places I normally woul;dn't if I was just a traveling sorceress. The question is do I want to deal with more people like Hyde? Or will I turn into someone like that?

The sheer thought of herself turning into a Hyde copy was enough to make her sick. She sat up and ran a few fingers through her hair. She needed to get out of here, and get moving. Her one lead had gone dry and now she had to move on. The image of the beast she had fought just a little while ago, came back to her. She shook all over before she closed her eyes. That as disturbing as well. Falling backwards onto her bed, she curled into a ball and took in a deep breath. She could think about all of this tomorrow.

The light shining into her room awoke her the enxt morning. Groaning she rolled onto her side and thens tretched. She made her way over to the sink and splashed a bit of water before she brushed her teeth as well. Today was a new day. She pulled open her door and then walked out, only to stop to look at the person who was leaning against the wall. Hyde. She frowned making her way down the stairs. She heard Hyde following behind her, but she paid not attention to him.

She stepped out into the twon square and then ducked around the corner heading for the Royal Regiment. Looking over her shoulder she found Hyde was keeping his distance from he. She smiled happy that he was doing so, but the more she walked the more annoyed she became. Arriving at the Royal Regiment she made her way inside, to find that it was relatively empty. She walked up the stairs and down the hall to Chief Dugard's office. She knocked twice before their was a booming enter from the other side.

"Oh, Miss Saga you have returned and hopefull with your decision,"

"Yes, I'll join the Royal Regiment Branch, I'm sure it'll bring me great things," Rowan said, not looking back at Hyde who was probably seething with anger.

"Execellent, I've got these for you," Chief Dugard said grabbing a box from beneath his desk. Opening it, revealed a small clock with the Royal Regiments insignia on it. She attached the shain to her pants leg before stuffing the clock into her pocket.

"I'm guessing you won't need any weapons correct?""Yes, that is correct. Magic is all I need,"

"Hva e you thought about taking up a gun?"

"Not really, considering I don't know how to shoot one,"

"I wouldn't think it would be much different than shooting out your magic. In the next town their is a guns salesman. You should talk to him about it. It's never bad to carry something like that,"

But I don't really need it... Rowan thought to herself as she turned around to leave, "Oh yeah, I'll be leaving today, so Hyde won't have to follow me around any more, kay?"

"Not quite, you see you are knew to the Royal Regiment and you will need a mentor to help you learn the ropes and keep you on task, so I think Hyde would be perfect for that. I mean he was just telling me how he wanted to view the world, so this will be a perfect oppurtunity for the both of you!'

No the hell it won't! Rowan said, all most out loud. Instead she closed her eyes and nodded her head.

"Good, then Hyde make sure to take care of our new recruit ok?"

"Yes, sir," Hyde said through a strained breath.

The two left the room together before they shot glares at each other. "Can this day get any better!" Rowan asked.

"Yeah, we could all burn in hell, that would be better than this,"

"You got that right! Why did I have to be partnered up with you?"

"That's the same question I'm asking, but we can't go against the chief's orders, so where are we going from here?"

"Where's the guns salesman?" Rowan asked quietly.

"In Englante. It's about a days walk from here, about half a day on horses, which I hope you have,"

"I have one and yourself,"

"Same here," So I guess I'll meet you by the back gate later,"

"Noon, I'm leaving at exactly noon. Don't be late,"

"All right,"

"Bye!" Rowan said before she left the building, leaving Hyde to stand their looking dumbfounded.

The End

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