The Grave

Slamming the Royal Regiment door behind her, Rowan set off down the street. Her face was a bright cherry red, the color it all ways became when someone made her anger. She balled her fist to keep herself from lashing out at the people and buildings around her. The last thing she needed was to cause a domestic disturbance and get jailed and have to spend who knows how long with those idiots from the Royal Regiment. Especially that Hyde.

Cursing underneath her breath she turned and made her way down a set of stairs, onto the lower portion of Lardon. Coming to a stop she gaped at the part of Lardon that used to be her home. It too had been rebuilt from the ground up, but the smell of smoke still lingered, even now. Taking one step, all the memories of her childhood began to flow back into her, and she immediately knew where she was going.

All the houses that had been burnt to the ground now stood rebuilt, and she wondered if her old home too had been built on top of. Weaving her way through the familiar walk ways, she came to a stop at the corner where her home use to be and saw that it had been transformed into a shop the sells jewelry. Swallowing she continued down the street, before arrving at the cemetary. The gate was new and shiny and an even stronger lock held it together.

She gently took the lock into her hand and closed her eyes. The next moment, their was a slight click and the lock dropped to the ground with a hard thud. She pushed the gate open gently and then made her way down the cenntral walkway. Many of the graves were covered with ash, and she decided to make her way to the back, where the names would be somewhat new.

She then began her search, walking the rows into she arrived at the S names. And sure enough she found her own last name, Saga, on several of the head stones.

Her family had lived in Lardon for nearly a century so all of her family had been buried here. It was a family tradition. Making her way down the rows and rows of grave stones, she finally found the names that she was looking for.

The first one read Alditha Saga and the other Giles Saga. Her parents had indeed recieved a grave. Her mothers grave stone was adorned with several flowers and her fathers as well. She bent down and ran her fingers across the smooth stone, before hanging her head and saying a quiet prayer. Rising to her feet, she looked at the many other graves of her family and others that were killed in the flames. Suddenly something caught her eye. Beside her fathers grave was her own name and Lily's as well.

"They thought I was.....they really thought I was dead..." she muttered under her breath, before she conjured up a ball of lightning to blast the stones away.

"I really wouldn't do that if I were you," a voice came from behind her, "I'm all ready breaking the rules for not reporting you to the chief for breaking and entering,"

Lowering her hand she turned and saw Hyde making his way towards her. She glared at him, before turning her back to him.

"Why don't you just leave me alone?" she asked.

"I'm your escort, and I couldn't let a mad sorceress travel the streets by herself. Even if they are as stubborn as a mule,"

"You didn't have to follow me here. And I don't need you escorting me around," she said, crossing her arms.

"You don't have a-"

"Don't say it!" Rowan interjected quickly, before she turned to look at Hyde.

He raised his hands signaling his surrender, before his eyes wander over to the graves.

"Are these your parents?" he asked.

"Yeah," Rowan replied.

"And that is you and your sister huh? Is your sister even alive?"

"That's what I came to find out! Can I please just blast my stone to bits at least?"

"You know, alot of people talked about you, especially when they were conducting the search. I was just a young sune-kin myself, but they said you were very worrisome and quiet. They said you didn't trust alot of people. I don't believe that for a second,"

"i'm not surprised. People change over the years, especially me,"

"Look, I can have those removed if that would make you feel any better," Hyde said rubbing the back of his head.

Rowan let out a sigh before shaking her head, "Don't it would probably upset my parents.  Perhaps this a sign that I should let all of this go. I could probably go to the academy and work there for the rest of my life,"

"Hey, I didn't say just to give up. If you think you can solve this whole thing then go right ahead," Hyde said with a shrug.

Rowan looked at Hyde before, she crossed her arms. "So do we need to take care of any preprations before the bandits get here?"

"That's allready been taken care of. I have to go on patrol in a bit, and I'd rather not have to worry about you throwing a tantrum. So let's just go buy you a room at the inn and wait,"

"Fine, but can you do me another favor?"

"As long as it's not shopping sure,"

"will you deliver a message to Cole Brighton? Tell him that I'll have to take a rain check on those beers tonight. I have to prepare,"

"Sure, I can do that. Now come on before we get caught," he said.

Rowan just gave a shurg before she lead the way out of the cemetary without looking back. She didn't need to worry about her parents any more. They were fine and probably watching over her. She walked the rest of the way to the inn in silence, every once in a while, Hyde would shoot her a look, but he wouldn't say anything,

I wonder if all sune-kin look like their ready to eat you alive... she asked herself.

The night was cold as Rowan stood in front of the back gates of Lardon, her cloak blowing in the wind. She had arrived here an hour early to ready herself, but Hyde still hadn't shown his face. She was beginning to think he ditched her when all of a sudden the gates opened and hyde raced out dressed in a white and gold uniform, a sword attached to his hip.

"No armor?" she asked, without looking at him.

"It's to much of a hassel, and I over slept," he said, shaking his head as if to wake himself up, "So, are you ready?"

"I've been ready for an hour. The sooner this is over, the sooner I can get the heck out of here,"

"Where do you plan on going?" Hyde asked.

"Don't know really, were ever I can get the information about the past is where I'll start,"

"Your are a rare one," Hyde said, peering into the darkness of the night.

"What do you mean I'm a rare one?" she asked.

"People now a days don't want to remember the past. But you embrace the past because it's apart of you. Many people don't understand that all, their past will forever be with them,"

"Your right about that. Now is that what the sune-kin think as well?" Rowan asked.

"We sune-kin submerge ourselves in the past. Have you ever wondered why you don't see many of us?" he asked.

"Kind of..."

"It's because sune-kin think their better than everyone and many of us have an extreme hatred for humans, since they drove us from our lands centuries ago. You don't meet a sune-kin like me every day. In fact they wanted me out of the village,"

"I see...and look their right on time!" Rowan said with a slight grin.

"It appears as such," Hyde retorted before drawing his sword.

It was a long sword, with a jewel decorating the center of the hilt. He graps the sword with one hand and readied himself to attack. "I've got your back. Guards ready to open the gates on my signal," he cried.

Rowan looked out into the plains and saw a wild whirlwind of bandits on horses heading their way. They were crying and hollering loudly and the closer they got the more Rowan realized that these bandits had acquired a gift. A black aura was surrounding them, allowing them increased speed.

Walking forward, Rowan flung her hands into the air and sent a massive wave of energy towards the bandits. It hit them square on knocking them from their horses. She followed that speel with lightning which she sent surging through the ground towards the bandits. Many of them leaped off the ground and came soaring towards her, hollering like wild animals. Daggers and swords drawn they raced towards, their soulless black eyes with the intent to kill her.

Suddenly their was a flash of red and the sound of blood splattering to the ground. Standing before her was Hyde, his sword cutting down the incoming bandits. But they continued to come, and all Hyde could do was fend them off.

"No wonder you guys couldn't stop them!" Rowan hollered, shooting a massive wave of lightning towards the bandits.

"These guys are possessed,"

"By a demon?"

"Perhaps, but that doesn't really seem like the case. It feels different," Rowan said as she flipped backwards and landed on the ground.

Focusing the earth cracked and spread apart from where she had landed, swallowing several of the bandits whole. Panting she raced forward, making vines wrap around the guards that hadn't leaped out of the way./ She pulled themd own into the ground before she felt something collide with her.

She went tumbling through the air, hitting the ground with a hard thud. She was suddenly wrenched up by her hair, and she found herself staring into the souless eyes of a bandit being controlled. He cocked his head and then raised his sword, to deliever the finishing blow when all of a sudden he coughed up blood and dropped her to the ground. With another slash his body was severed and blood poured out onto the ground.

"Get up!" he said sternly.

Rowan did just that before standing beside him. "Open the gates. We can't finish them off by ourselves!"

With a nod, Hyde reached into his pocket and grabbed a flare. He ignited with his sword before throwing it into the air. It exploded with a large crack, and the next thing they heard were the gates being opened. Men rushed out swords raised above their heads. Guns sounded from behind and the occassional arrow soared through the air. Rowan watched as the bandits fell to the ground, only slowed when she used her magic.

Suddenly there was a roar from the last standing bandit, before his body ripped apart and a beast leaped out of it's body. It's beady red eyes rested on Rowan, before it let out a roar and raced towards her. Rowan closed her eyes and focused all of her energy on summoning several blades. She could hear them spinning above her head, before they whizzed through the air and collided with the strange creature.

It howled in agony before throwing it's head back. Rowan finally got a clear look at it. It had spiraling red horns coming from his head, and the face of a strange type of dog. It was several times large than a wolf and dragons tail whipped around before it finally died. Dropping to her knees Rowan wiped sweat from her brow.

"What the hell was that captin?" a man nearby asked Hyde.

"No clue...." Hyde muttered beneath his breath, sliding his sword back into it's sheath, "Hurry and report this to the chief. Then tell the guards that the gates can be opened in the front. The rest of you head towards the forest. If their are any bandits left take care of them,"

There was a unified yes sir, before Hyde was bending down in front of her, a look of worry crossing his face.

"Your hurt," he said.

"What are you talking about?" Rowan asked shaking her head.

Hyde pointed to her forehead were blood was beginning to trickle down. Rowan let out a chuckle, before she pressed a few fingers to the wound and closed her eyes. She didn't need to say the speel like other xsorceress. If she thought about it aand focused on it, the spell would happen, and within a few seconds the wound was healed, and the blood was all that was left on her face.

"Wow, does that work on all wounds?"

"No, just the small ones. If I had gotten a bigger wound it would take me several hours to heal it. It's different for everything," she said.

"I see," Hyde said giving her a hand.

Rowan took it gingerly, rising to her feet before she looked at the corpse that lay on the ground. Her eyes never left the beast until she felt Hyde tugging her and telling him that they had to go back into town.

"Do you know what the heck that thing is?"

"HNo, I don't. I've never seen anything like that before..." Rowan muttered under her breath.

"Do you think there's more of them?" she asked.

"I would guess so. You really shouldn't have sent your men out..."

"I think they can handle it. We have more men than the bandits now," Hyde said.

"I see..." Rowan said, becoming lost in thought.

"I'm glad I didn't get you to angry..." Hyde said after a moment.

"Why's that?" Rowan asked.

"The magic you used was fearsome, and I hope I never have to face you in battle," he said.

"You were quite the fighter yourself. Don't sell yourself short," Rowan said.

"Your right. Now come on, the Chief will want to here from us," Hyde said, his voice suddenly stern once again.

Why is he so by the book? Rowan asked herself.

The End

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