Part 2: The Years That Passed

The years that passed were more or less magical. Rowan grew from a worrisome 7 year old into a tween in no time. Her magic skills were all ways increasing and Sasha found herself having to teach her more and more difficult spells. She was a natural, well that was except for the fire spells. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't control it. She couldn't get her mind to be one with the fire, like it could be with the wind and the water and the earth.

In all sense of the word fire scared her. She wasn't sure why until Sasha sat her down and explained to her why she couldn't control it, and why it would take longer for her to master.

"Your family and friends were burned by fire, and city was destriyed by fire, of course your mind and body wouldn't want to learn how to control it. I bet your soul is ultimately revolted by it isn't it?"

"I guess it is. I mean just the sight of it makes me sick," Rowan replied.

"Exactly. Don't fret though. One day you'll need to use fire and you'll use it without hesistation and then you'll find yourself controlling it just like the other elements,"

Those words brought her out of her stump and she decided that even if she didn't like fire she was going to master how to control it. From there she learned how to use her mind and magic for things. She could levitate things around her for a set limit of time, but Sasha explained that once she mastered this, she could do it for however long she wanted to. It was a nice spell to use.

It was around this time that West made his first of two visits a month. He had aged gracefully into a thirty year old man, and his wisdom strentgh was with him. Whenever he arrived Rowan showed him all the magic she had learned and ask how he had been. He would respond with god, and tell one of his amazing stories about the missions he had been on. Her favorite by far was when he told the story of how he faced the Banshee in the marshes of Marinta. He had nearly lost his life, but the Banshee was no match for him.

It was after one of these tales did West suddenly ask, "Rowan, when is your birthday?"

Rowan was taken a back. She hadn't really thought about her birthday in several years. She thought about it hard before she suddenly remembered, "The first day of spring,"

"Aww...she was born on Hana," Sasha interjected, "Which means flower. No wonder your parents named you Rowan. I guess your sister was born in the spring as well,"

"No, she was born in the middle of summer. My mother use to say it was sorching hot when Lily was born,"

"Hmm...." Sasha said scratching her chin before she went back to reading her book.

The coming months West gave her gift after gift and when asked, why he kept bringing her these things, he said it was because he had all ready missed out on five of her birthdays and needed to make up for lost time. She didn'tmind at all, although Sasha said West was spoiling her.

As the years passed Rowan's heart slowly mended itself back together. Whenever the day came when her sister was kidnapped, and her friends disappeared, she would just sit on the porch of the cottage and remember all of the good times. Then when the night fell, she would think about Lardon burning and pray to the heavens that her parents were up in heaven watching her. Apart of her all ways told her that they were watching her and cheering her on.

It was a warm feeling knowing that even if you couldn't see them she knew people were cheering for her. West who was traveling the world was cheering for her, Sasha when ever she went on her little adventures and felt it would be better for her to stay behind was also cheering her on.

It was after one of these expiditions in the later years did Sasha sit her down and say.

"In a short weeks time, you will have lived in this world for 19 years. Usually at the age of 19 sorceress and sorcerers would leave their home and travel the world to make a name for themselves. Of course you have a different mind set..."

"Finding Lily..."

Sasha nodded, laying a hand on her her shoulder, "You may not like what you find, but you must continue to press on. That is what Lily would want you to do,"

Sasha said it as if she knew Lily was dead. But something in the back of Rowan's mind told her that Lily was out there somewhere, and when they found each other the world would return to the way it was, and she'd be able to hug her sister and remember the old days when they were younger. That was what she looked forward to, every single day of her life.

The End

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