The Girl's Destiny

"How traumatic. I'm surprised she hasn't had a total break down and given up on living..." Sasha said trailing off.

"I know," West said as he took a sip from the tea Sasha had just made.

His eyes wandered to Rowan who was resting on the couch, her small body covered by his rather long robe. He sighed. He had finally arrived but now, what was he to do? Leave her here? Stay here with her? Thoughts raced through his head and it wasn't until Sasha threatened to smack him did he return to reality.

"You need to pay attention. This girl has extraordinary powers, and I believe that she may have Sorcerers blood within her, and that means those men will surely come after her,"

"Do you tthink they work for-"

"Ventus? Not impossible. Ventus died several years ago. No, no. Someone else has taken control of his order and I fear that things will only get much, much worse. Especially for Rowan,"

"I will you take her in?" West asked.

"Of course I will. I would never turn down a child with as much power as she has. You probably can't see it, but her body is emitting pure energy, and that itself is very rare, even at a young age like this,"

"But, haven't we all been touched by sin?" West asked, "So her energy can't be all that pure..."

"Yes, but for some the magic within is so powerful that the sin that touches us is purified in an instance. I believe this is true for young Rowan over there," Sasha explained as she closed her eyes.

West hadn't noticed that at all. Then again he was just a lowly wizard, so things such as seeing energies did not come easily to him. He could focus on her, and send his own energies to find Rowan's but that took too much time and too much effort. He turned back to Sasha who was know deep in thought about something. As if sensing he was about ask her a question she said, "I'm thinking about her sister, and the changes she went through. At first I thought she was being possessed by a demon. But that doesn't seem to be the case..."

"Ok, so what do you think of it?"

"I believe that she discovered that no one could stop her and that she was on top of the world. All young magic weilders grow through this phase when they think they are unstoppable...but I still don't like it. Now let's talk about you West, I know something is troubling you,"

"You could all ways read me like a book Sasha," West began, "Well it's Rowan you see she's become quite attached to me. I mean I would love to stay here and help raise her and help her develop her abilities. But I am needed throughout the world. Staying here with this girl is not my priority yet..."

"You've become attached to her as well. Tsk, I thought I taught you better than this West. Nevertheless, you leaving will probably send her over the edge. Unless you promise to visit her every now and again,"

"I can't. The High Wizardry would not allow me to come visit her. We don't have vacations and the only time we can leave that horrid place is if we have a mission to fulfill,"

"And what is your mission for leaving The High Wizardry?" Sasha asked.

"I am heading towards the city of Empilon, their is a strange disease their, and they want me to check if demons are causing it, or if their is a spell to cure them. Then from their have to check on the Witches Brigade in Brighton. I'm all ready a day late,"

"West, you'll just have to make time for her. I'm not saying that on every mission you have you come see her, but at least once or twice a month would be nice,"

"The council would notice that I am taking to long on my trips. They would stop me from coming,"

"Then you'd best leave a day early,"


"You want Rowan to be happy don't you?" Sasha asked.

"Of course I do...but..."

"And now we get to the heart of the problem. You fear that with each visit you'll grow more attached and you fear this attachment will turn into a fatherly love for the girl. What is so wrong with that?"

"I'm not her father." he said sternly.

Sasha chuckled, before she set her cup down. "And what does that matter? Do you think that it will weaken you or are you afraid of the extra responsibility?"

West said nothing. He kept his head down and set his cup of tea on the table. Everything Sasha was saying was true. The more he viisited her the more attached he became. Just over the couple of days he had grown to care for the girl, and answer her questions like any  father would.  But he knew in the end this would be his down fall.

Suddenly their was a yawn from the couch and instinctively he looked over and watched as Rowan woke up. She wiped sleep from her eyes before she looked over to West and then Sasha. She climbed off the couch and made her way over, her eyes going from West to Sasha.

"Is this her?" she asked.

"Yes, this her. This is Sasha, and she'll be taking care of you from now on,"


"Why do you sound so sad?"

"Now you'll be leaving..."

"Yes, yes I will. But look I'll promise you something," West said rising to his feet. He bent down in front of her and grabbed the staff from his back. She held it in both hands and then told Rowan to grab it. "A wizard all ways keeps his promise, and I promise to come visit you as much as I can, ok?"

Rowan nodded, a smile slowly inching across her face.

West smiled and tosseled her hair. "Now you listen to whatever Sasha tells you. She'll be taking care of you and teaching you,"

"Teaching me what?" Rowan asked.

West looked back at Sasha and she nodded once. West nodded back before he slid his staff back onto his back and then placed a hand on Rowan's shoulder.

"Rowan, you are able to use magic, that light you told me about that was your powers activating. Sasha will teach you how to use them. So promise me that you'll become a strong sorceress ok?"

"I promise!" she said proudly.

"Good," Sasha said, "I like your determination. Now take this bucket and go fill it with water, we'll need it for our dinner tonigt. The well is outside on the side of the house. Just pull the lever and the water will flow,"

"Yes, ma'am," Rowan said taking the bucket and racing out of the house.

"Hmm...a flawless exchange. She is spunky. I believe we'll get along just fine. Now isn't their something that you should give her?" Sasha said, opening the palm of her hand to West.

"Oh yeah," he said, as he reached inside his robe and pulled the necklace he had found in Rowan's hand out.

"Execellent. I'll give this to her once her training is complete. She doesn't need all of this power right away anyway. So when will you be leaving?"

"Tonight, I want to spend a few more hours with Rowan, I'm sure she has loads of questions for me,"

"You're probably right. I'm just glad that she has found someone like you,"

"Why is that?" West asked, getting to his feet.

"This won't be the last traumatic thing that happens in her life. In fact if she is who I think she is. This is just the beginning. She may have the power to change the world, but itself comes with alot of respnsibility. Her heart will all ready be weakened by this and-"

"I think she'll be ok. As long as she has something to return to she'll do just fine. Your right though. It will take a long time for her to forget this. She may try to hide it with her smiles and laughs, but it will all ways hurt for her to remember. But one day. She won't feel pain and when that day comes, her heart will be whole,"

"Wise words West. I would have never expected this when I met you the first time at the academy,"

"Of course not.I was young a foolish," West said with a grin.

The hours passed by so quickly, West was close to staying the night. But he made a promise to lave by nightfall and he an oath to keep that promise. Sasha and Rowan packed him a bag of food for his travel and Sasha had even given him a rune of protection for his voyage. But now it was time for him to leave.

He pulled open the door, and smiled once at Rowan and just as he was going to step out, he felt little arms wrap around his legs. He looked down and saw Rowan hugging him. He nearly bemnt down to hug her back, but instea just laid a hand on her head and then walked away. He didn't look back, knowing if he did, he would see Rowan crying. With a whip of the reins, the horses took off, heading west for the city of Empilon.

But he would have to return, that was a fact. His destiny was now forever intertwined with a small girls. That girl would grow and she would come to realize that  she is destinied for greatness. And he would be there to watch her first steps into the world as a full blooded sorceress. He just prayed that in the coming years her heart wouldn't be tainted by the sin of the world around her.

May the spirits watch over her and keep her from any harm. As long as she lives, protect her. She is destined for great things.

The End

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