The Woman He Searched For

West checked on her periodically, making sure Rowan was all right. But she never answered his question and just looked away and out to the road where they had just left Lardon. He felt sorry for her, and he knew that him taking her away wasn't helping much, but she needed to be safe. It was his duty as a wizard of the light. They had been traveling on this road for several hours and he realized that they were just making head way. The small village of Orion was coming into view and he decided that this was where he would let the horses take a rest and they would rest here until the next morning.

West pulled into the bustling town, where men dipped their hats to him and woman stood in awe. He forgot that Wizards in Orion was a rare sight and he bet before the day was over, he would be solving one of their problems. He grinned when all of a sudden someone caught his eye. A young woman with long flowing auburn hair. She smiled at him, before nodding her head towards the shop she stood in front of. West took note of it, before he turned a corner and parked his wagon in front of the Orion Inn.

The Orion Inn was a stable two story building and as he entered with Rowan at his side, saw that their were just alot of traveling merchants and such. Every now and again, he would see the occasional guard come in for a drink and chat with a few of the villagers. Wrapping his arms around Rowan he made his way towards the bar and smiled at the bartender, who grinned back.

"West! Welcome back brother!" he said, his dark skin glistening in the bright lights.

"You too, max,. Look can you set me up a room for two,"

"Two, you plan on having a girl up there with you?" Max asked, as he dug around under the bar and slid some keys across the bar.

"I've taken on a responsibility," he said pointing downwards.

He watched as Max leaned over the counter and looked at Rowan. He quickly sat back up and looked at West with wide eyes.

"How did you get a kid? Wait why do you have a kid?" Max asked quickly.

"It's a long story, which I'll tell you later. But look promise me that you'll look after her ok?"

"No worries, I'll send one of my girls up there to watch her. How would you like that?" Max asked.

Rowan didn't say a word, but looked away. Max shrugged and then waved them off. West picked Rowan up and then carried her up the flight of stairs into their room. He sat her on the bed and then dropped his luggage onto the other bed.

"I'll be gone for a little while, but I'll be back. You know that man downstairs? The dark one? That's Max and he'll take care of you until I get back,"

"You'll come back won't you?" she asked weakly.

West raised an eyebrow. It was the first time she had talked in hours. He grinned before  he bent down in front of her and smiled.

"I'll come back. I haven't found her yet,"

"Will you leave once you've found her?"

"Probably, considering that I have other things to take care off..."


"Don't go crying on me. You understand. If fate decides to let me stay then I'll stay, but you have to understand, I am needed through out this world,"


"Rowan, you should rest, it's been a long day," West said.

He rose to his feet and without looking back left the room. He hadn't thought about this at all. He didn't know the girl would become so attached to him. He didn't want to think aboiut just up and leaving her, but his life was all ready busy as it was. He would have to talk to "her" about this once he located her.

Crossing the street, West made his way towards the shop were the woman had smiled at him and found her standing behind the counter, polishing a silver spoon. She didn't look up to greet him but instead said.

"Took you long enough? Who was the passenger in the back?"

"A little girl named Rowan..." West said.

"Why is she traveling with you!" she asked sternly her green eyes filled with anger, "Do you know how dangerous it is for her to be traveling with you?"

"Look, she's  not just any little girl. I think she may be one of them..."

"What do you mean one of them?"

West told Rowan's tale quickly and the woman just stared wide eyed. She swallowed hard, before setting the spoon down and crossing her arms.

"Mel, I need to find your she still traveling?"

"No, she's settled down into her favorite place, but of course she's set up the usual precausions," Mel explained, as she turned around and grabbed a large role of paper. She rolled it out and pressed her finger onto the middle of tha page. It glowed a bright blue color, before ink seeped through drawing an intricate map.

"The ward is weak here," she said pointing to the west side of the dome, surrounding the house, "Use your stongest release spell, and you should be right in. But make sure to send up a flair, or she'll have your head. Really West, I thought you knew how to find her..."

"She's elusive,"

"True, now what are you going to do about the kid? Do you plan to just hand her off to my sister?"

"What else am I suppose to do? Your sister is the only I know who will be able to take care of her and teacher to control her abilities. I'm a wizard and she's well..."

"A sorceress, a stronger witch," Mel said with a frown on her face, "Why did that gene have to skip me?"

"Hey, we're in the same bought here ok? Now stop your whining. Be happy that you were blessed with magic,"

"If my mother hand't slept with that human I would be just as powerful as my wonderful half sister,"

"Mel, don't start. I don't need your complaining right now. I have other things to concentrate on. Much more important things!" West said sternly.

"I know you do. Just promise me that you won't let the girl come to harm,"

"I promise,"

"Good, now, when you go back to see her, I want you to give her this." she said, sliding a small box across the counter.

West took it and was about to open it when Mel slapped his hand. He dropped the box to the countered and reeled back in pain.

"What the heck was that for?" he asked.

"I said it was for the girl. Keep your grubby hands and eyes off of it, you understand?"

"Fine, fine whatever," he said, before he lifted back up and grabbed the map as well.

He bowed once before he turned and left the shop, making his way back over to the inn. As he pulled open the door he saw the bar had cleared out and was much more quiet. Max was behind the bar, talking to one of his daughters and West decided wit was better if he just spoke to him later. He made his way up the stairs and into the room.

A young woman was sitting beside the bed Rowan was sleeping in stroking her head. She smiled before rising to her feet. She was probably in her late teens and was a shotting image of Max. She grinned.

"All she talked abbout was you. It was as if you were her father,"

"No, I'm not her father and I'm not close to being her father. I'm just her care taker. Thanks for watching her by the way,"

"No problem. See ya later," she said, before she left the room.

West set the box down on the bed beside Rowan and climbed into the other one fully clothed. He was o tired to take off his robe or anything else. All in all it would make for a quick leave when the left in the morning. Closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep.

He awoke the next morning to the sound of a box being opened. Rolling over onto his side, he saw that Rowan was wide awake, and was pulling a bracelet and comb from inside the chest. She smiled weaklly before sliding the bracelet on and running the comb through hair which had become a tangled mess. She combed it until every tangle was gone and then went on to examine the bracelet.

"Do you like it?" West asked with a yawn.

"It's pretty, did she give this to you?"

"No, but her sister did. I know where to find, so we're going to head there right now,"

"After we have breakfast!" Rowan said sternly.

"Of course after breakfast," West said with a sigh.

They paced up and made their way down to the bar where Max had all reaakfast for them. While they ate, est told Max the le story, win the end made him look at Rowan with wide eyes. It seemed the tale was one that would go down in history. Rowan was in better spirits this morning but she was still a bit quiet. After breakfast they bid MAx and his daughters farewell before they made their way to the wagon and took their leave from Orion.

They didn't stop traveling, even as the sun dipped beneath the mountains. West was determined to get to her home early tomorrow afternoon. The sooner he got their the better it would be.

A sleep deproved West arrived at the valley of her home and immediately turned west. all though tired he focused his energy on finding the weak in the barrier. Once he found it he stopped and pressed his fingers to the invisible barrier. Muttering a few words under his breath, he heard the sound of shattering glass, as the barrier fell.

Following Mel's orders, he sent up a flair to signal his arrival and then hopped back into the wagon and made his way towards the small cottage in the middle of the field, with smoke, rising from it's chimney. As he pulled in the door swung open and a woman stood in the door way, dressed in all black her golden brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

"It's nice to see you again Sasha,"

"You too West, why don't you come in?" she asked.

"I will just give me a moment,"

"No, one tells me to wait-" but she trailed off as she saw West carrying Rowan in  his arms. She gasped once before she motioned for him to hurry.

"You have a lot of explaining to do West..." she said.

"I know..."

The End

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