The Cemetary

Rowan kept her distance from her sister. Ever since she had awakened from her coma she had been acting a bit strange. Her voice was all ways sugar coated, nearly wanting to make her gag, but in a split second her sister would glare at her and tell her not to tell her parents. So she decided to resolve the locking herself in her room, and not coming out unless her parents called on her.

For the most part that worked, and she didn't have to worry about anything. But that soon changed when she discovered that someone had picked her lock and had left her a smiling face on her door. She ripped if off and tore it too shreds. She never locked her door again, and that soon became her downfall.

It had been a full wekk, since her sister woke up, and things were starting to return to normal, in all sense of the word normal, because tonight Lily was sneaking out...once again. Rowan watched as she climbed onto the balcony and swung her legs over. She was dressed in a button up shirt and pair of shorts this time, since the weather had warmed up quiet a bit.

"Didn't you learn the first time?" Rowan asked.

"Please, that's not going to happen. I wan to see X and the others. But if you don't want to come you can-"

"I'll stay here!" Rowan said sternly, before she turned on her heels and closed the balcony door. She climbed into bed, and listened as her sister leaped from the balcony and down into the tree below, catching a branch and landing on the ground with a thud. The next thing she heard was the sound of her sister feet hitting the cobblestones, growing fainter by the minute.

Rowan layed in bed, staring up at the ceiling, taking in shallow breaths. She stopped herself from following after her sister when she suddenly figured out why her sister wanted to go see X.

The next artifact is in the cemetary....

Rowan leaped to her feet and threw off her night gown. In exchange she threw on a shirt and a pair of shorts as well, and slipped into her shoes. She bushed open the balcony door and then made her way down to the earth below. her body was filled with adrenaline that kept her from being scared of the fall, but her worries for her sister was just to great.

She took in a deep breath before she surged down the street after her street. This was the first time that she had ever been out on the streets this late at night alone. It was even scary then when she was with her sister. But that's what pushed her to keep running. She had to save her sister before she bcame to messed up, that's what she had to do.

She arrived at the hide out and searched for the can so that the ladder would fall to the ground. But as she found it and tugged on it, the ladder and rope never came down. She swallowed hard and tried it again, but it still didn't come down.

No, way! They couldn't be there all ready?

Turning tail, she raced out of the alley and down the steep slope that would take her to the town square. he twon square was relatively empty except for the drunk here and there. She zoomed past them and took the street that would lead her to Lardon Cemetary. The rode had a steep incline and she had to becareful as she raced down it. Hitting stable ground,she turned and crossed the bridge, the Lardon Cemetary.

Reachng the gates she saw that they were all ready open and the lock laid on the ground. She cursed undeneath her breath before she took off into the cemetary.

This is when it became tricky and she was forced to start screaming her sisters name all throughout the cemetary. She raced up and down the cemetary when she suddenly heard her sister answer her constant yelling, She followed the voice, telling her sister to keep speaking when she bumped into her.

"Lily!" she said happily.

"Why didn't you stay at home, like you said?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"I...I had stop you...from finding that...artifact,"

"Oh you mean this?" Lily said shoving the necklace towards her.

Rowan looked at it in the dim lights and saw the insignia for Salaka and nearly collasped onto the ground. Her sister grinned and went to shove the necklace into her her pocket when all of a sudden they heard the crack of a whip. All of a sudden a bolt of lightning flew through the air, hitting Lily. She went tumbling through the air, the necklace flying from her hands. The blast the reverberated from the shock, knocked Rowan backwards, along with X and the others who had just appeared out of the fog.

"Rowan! Lily!" X hollered.

"No stay back!" Rowan screamed.

But it was too late, X was all ready racing towards her sister and Moran and Miranda were headed her way. She felt the tears spill over onto her cheeks when all of a sudden she heard the craack of the whip once again, and she watched as Moran and Miranda flipped through the air, landing on the concrete with a hard thud. She heard a scream escape X's lips ashe soared through the air and coliided with a nearby tree.

Rowan pushed herself to her feet, her fingers wrapped around the necklace that had landed beside her. Lily laid on the ground, smoke coming from her body. All of a sudden, several figures in black cloaks raced through the darkness and swooped Lily into their arms. The others grabbed X, Moran and Miranda and deposited them behind a bush.

One turned towards Rowan, and opened the palm of his hand, and she saw lightning forming in his hands. She swallowed hard, when all of a sudden, a man stopped her.

"Stop,have mercy on here. She's too young," a man said.

"How can you have a weak spot for a child like this?"

"Look, you can burn the others, but I'm pretty sure this one is all ready messed up in the head fro having to sse all of this. Now let's just get out of here as soon as we can,"

"Fine whatever you say boss," the other said before he turned his palm towards the push. Rowan watched as the blue lightning thickened and became red flames. They shot out at incredible speeds and then ignited the bush.

At that moment, the world slowed down. Rowan watched a s the flames danced, and her sister being lugged away. She shook her head, tears streaming down her face, when she felt something warm emitting from her chest. It was a very warm light, coming from the necklace in her hands. Over time it just continued to increase until she was engulfed within it.

It seems the other has finally found the artifact.

"Who's there?" Rowan hollered.

"Don't fret child. I can feel  justice and light coming from you. You are indeed, like the other. But I can feeln your heart that you want me to do something and I shall do it. But I fear for the other it is all ready to late. The three Sanons, I can save, but at a price.

"I'll do anything!" Rowan hollered.

The light increased once more before it dimmed and Rowan found herself lying on the ground. She moved her head and saw that the bush was no longer on fire. Slowly she rose to her feet and meandered over to the bush. But shen she walked behind it, she saw that her friends were gone, and nothing was left of them

"She said...she said...."

I saved them at a pirce. Don't worry, they are fine. But this is only the beginning. Do not go back into town. Stay were you are, someone will be there shortly.

"I want my mom and dad!"

Be quiet with that.

"Will you save them?" Rowan moaned.

That is out of my jurisdiction. Just lay there and rest. I'm sorry to have done this to you...

"Do what..." Rowan said, going quiet.

She was so tired. She toppled over onto her side and closed her eyes, just as a figure was making their way over to her. She felt the slighest touch of someone stroking her head. The air filled with smoke and that was the last thing she sensed.

The End

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