The next couple of days stayed the same. Rowan would wake to here her mother sobbing and here her father cursing the parents of X, Moran and Miranda for putting his children in danger. After listening to the mixture of screams and sobs the house would fall silent for a little while before their was a loud knock at the door. Her father would race down the stairs and open it, and scream, "She still hasn't woken up!"

This was the time that Rowan would get out of bed and stand outside the door to her sisters room and listen to the conversation that was going on the other side. She knew that their was nothing Dr. Humpphrey could do to wake her sister, and Rowan was beginning to feel that she might of killed her sister. But she was alive and she was breathing, which was a good sign. After the doctor checked on her sister, she would race down stairs and pick a random book from the shelf and open it, pretending to read it, when in all sense it looked scribble to her.

She would watch the doctor leave and her father walk back up the stairs without taking another look at her. The hours passed by slowly and Rowan became more and more depressed, often weeping for several hours on end, until her mother scooped her into her arms and whispered that everything was going to be ok.

She hated crying in front of people, it made her feel like a child, when she wasn't. She hated when people called her a child, she was...she was. She didn't have a word for what her age group should be called but she wasn't a child, and she would never accept that. Her mother had once noted that she was a old woman trapped in a little girls body and ever since then, she has been worrying and acting as if she was some mature old lady when she should be acting like a child.

On the fourth day of her sisters coma, her parents began talk of sending her sister to the hospital over in Flowervale, in hopes that the medicine that they had there would be able to wake her. But that was a dangerous way to go. Lardon was one of the only few cities that hadn't had an industrial boom.  Where other cities had roads, and cars and train stations, Lardon had cobblestone roads that made your feet hurt, and allowed  only wagons to drive, which was a rather bumby ride. In the end they decided that if she didn't wake before the weeks end they would send her off.

The fith day rolled along and just as Rowan was climbing into bed, she heard a scream escape from her sister. She slipped from her bed and went surging towards her sisters room. She shoved the door open and found her sister, tangled in her blankets screaming like a wild animal. It was a terrifying sight, but Rowan continued to walk towards her sister. Ince she was close enough to touch one of her ringlets, her sister stopped screaming and looked at her.

"Hello, Rowan," she said a bit to sweetly.

Rowan just blinked before taking a step back. If this had been normal circumstances then she would have been happy to have her sister talk to her,. bUt she knew the truth and they way her sister had just acted, was haunting her still.

"Is something wrong sister?"

"No, but how are you feeling?"

"Wonderful, I feel great," Lily said sitting up slowly.

"Lily, do you remember what happened?"

"Yeah, I opened the box and this woman began to talk to me,"

A woman? Rowan thought.

"What did she say?"

But instead of having time to answer, her parents were in room, kissing her and hugging her. Her fathertold her to leave, and she relunctantly did, still wanting to hear what her sister had to say.

She wasn't exactly sure when she had drifted off to sleep, but when she awoke, the sun was just beginniing to rise and her sister was sitting on her windosill, watching it. her skin was pale and her hair was a complete mess, but she was awake, that much she was sure of. Sitting up, she wiped sleep from her eyes, before her sister looked towards her.

"Nice of you to wake up!" she said, her voice still sounding to sweet.

"Lily, what did the woman say?"

"Oh, yeah I never got a chance to tell you. She explained to me that I am some sort of vehicle or something..."

"Your a car?" Rowan asked.

"No silly," Lily said with a chuckle.

"Then your a-"

"No, just listen. She said that I haver a gift and that to embrace that gift I needed to learn more about Salaka. Mr.Randolf was right, we kids are the answer to all the questions,"

"Lily, you shouldn't have listened to that voice. I didn't hear any voice, and to me it looked like you were beingf taken away,"

"Then you must have been dreaming Rowan, because all I saw was a field of flowers and very pretty lady standing in front of me. So I-"

"No, the wind was taking you away and you were laughing like a crazy man and...and..."

"Rowan. now is not the time for you to start acting like a kid.  That was just your imagination," Lily spat at her.

Those worse hurt for a moment, before Rowan rose to her feet and stood in front of her sister, "You can ask X, Moran and Miranda. They all saw it as well,"

"Really now..." Lily said, sounding unconvinced.

"You don't believe me?"

"Nope, not one bit. Anyway, the woman said that another artifact is in the cemetary and if I want to learn more I have to find it,"

"Lily, do you here yourself! You can't trust her-"

"Coming from someone who trust no one! Just shut up Rowan and keep quiet!"


"And look, if you say anything to mom and dad, and I mean anything, I will hurt you!" Lily said, before hopping down from the windosill.

She stalked over to Rowan before she glared at her. That soon faded into a smile as they heard their parents coming up the stairs. She rn out to greet them, and they were just as happy to hear her voice. Rowan on the other hand was rooted to the spot. Her sister had threatened her countless of times, but this time...this time she knew that her sister meant it, she had no doubt in her mind of that. She shook all over before turning on her heels and joining her family in the hall, where she was scooped into her father's arms and kissed on the cheek. That still didn't make her feel any better about the situation.

The End

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