The skies were a darker crimson now, and the trio had finally clambered their way to the crime scene led by the Chief Engineer. Upon entering the vast black steel sphere, they each began their work - Ambrose gazed over the area and the body, taking in every detail; Scarlett smoothly slinked and stalked around, trying to pick up traces of a trail left behind; and Druj merely sat there, playing with rocks and humming a song to which there have never been words and no known tune exists.
The Chief Engineer drew up his courage, walked over to the sitting behemoth and asked the question he had been waiting to ask...
"What the hell are your pals doing?"
Druj looked up and grinned.
"They is investigatin', ain't they?" He smiled at this, and went back to humming before the Engineer cut in again, incredulous.
"But how? The chick is on all fours, prowlin' around, and that guy is just stood there!"
"They is what they is, and what they is is Specialists. Scarlett is a nicky-machine, and Ammy's got a funny brain." With this, the Engineer merely looked on pale as the hulking giant sat in the oil and twiddled his thumbs, humming that ageless tune.
Eventually, after an hour of prowling and standing still, the two others returned to him.
"What did you get then, missy?" The six armed chief stood proud, awaiting a response. He did not receive what he expected.
"The most likely place that your killer has come from is a food sourcing agent, near an aquatic zone of this planet. The scent of calamari is distinctive - no matter how much pollution you pile over it, you can't mask that distinctive scent." The Engineer took a minute to breathe and try and apologise to the girl before turning to Ambrose.
"And you, sir?"
"If the killer has come from near an aquatic zone, then he is most likely to have come from the south of this mechanical continent where the terraformed reservoirs are maintained. I can also tell that our killer is an immigrant from Sol 3, as well."
He adjusted his jacket collar and smirked before continuing.
"Note the letters he cut into his own flesh - "cep". I checked his nationality and found that he was Russian in origin. Thus he would use the Cyrillic alphabet and so "cep" was meant to be "cepб" - Serb. As in "Serbian"."
The Engineer passed out. Druj kept playing in the oil, and the tune echoed around the cavernous Master Engine.

The End

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