The Estate

Fan fiction based on the mission "Loose Ends" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This story is told from the perspective of an original character without disrupting the plot of the game.

“Alright, the data transfer is done!” Roach shouted over the constant sounds of gunfire surrounding the estate. Task Force 141 was raiding a safe house of Vladimir Makarov, a high-profile international terrorist, responsible for dozens of massacres, and the current leader behind the Russian ultra-nationalists. We’d managed to find a gold mine worth of intelligence, and it was just being transferred onto a DSM module. Makarov himself, however, was nowhere to be found.

“Wraith, cover me!” Roach shouted. I crouched a few feet away from him and covered the entrance. Roach grabbed the DSM and put it in his pack. An enemy troop ran at us from the side, but was shot in the chest. I looked over to see Ghost, his rifle aimed up to his face, clad in his blue ski-mask with a skull face printed on it, in addition to his sunglasses and headset. I nodded to him and he turned away to keep the outside covered.

“Scarecrow is down!” I heard over the communications.

 “Let’s go, Shepherd will be waiting for us at the landing zone!” Ghost shouted.

Roach and I ran through the basement of the estate and out the backdoor. Enemy troops were right behind us. We got a good distance from the estate before a grenade went off a few metres behind me. I was thrown to the ground, but Roach kept running. He turned back and noticed me.

“Just keep going!” I shouted to him. “I’ll catch up!” Roach didn’t hesitate.

Neither did I. I ran through the trees in the forest surrounding the estate. To the east, I saw Roach and Ghost descending down a hill, enemy troops closing in fast. I couldn’t catch up to them, as it would have meant running directly into the enemy. I turned right through the trees, and heard Ghost over the communications.

“Wraith, Shepherd’s at the landing zone! Get here, quick!”

“I’m on it Ghost!” I said to him. I took cover behind a fallen tree and shot at the enemy troops pursuing me. They fired in my direction, but not at me, as they couldn't see where I was in the confusion. Not very many were after me, and when I dealt with them, I continued on.

“Ozone is down!” I again heard over the communications.

Eventually, I came over a hill, overlooking the landing zone. Roach and Ghost were approaching a landing helicopter. Other choppers shot down and scattered any remaining enemy troops. The back of the landing chopper opened up, and General Shepherd stepped out. Ghost was holding up Roach. They exchanged words, and I felt relief.

Suddenly, I heard a gunshot, and Roach fell to the ground.

“NO!” I heard Ghost shout. He raised his rifle at Shepherd, but Shepherd raised his revolver faster and shot Ghost in the head. He fell to the ground, dead. I watched with horror as Shepherd crouched down to Roach and took the DSM module from his body.  Shepherd had betrayed us.

I screamed in anger and raised my rifle, firing rounds at Shepherd and his troops, not caring for whatever justification Shepard might have provided for his crime. I felt bullets pass through my chest and neck, and I collapsed to the ground. I was choking, spitting up blood, and watched as the world around me faded; my vision darkened, sounds dampened; my life flashed before my eyes, and then faded.

The End

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