On this outing we start off at Wild Dog day Centre in Itches Road, Ilford. We then proceed up Bonham Drive, along Slay Street, up Thorns Road into Barkingside High Street, up Forest Road, then proceed along Romford Road into Stewed Pudding Lane and Onto the L234 road, into Thebridge, through Great Didmow, passing the Loudmouth Pub where we stop at to have a drink, then proceed along Fried Egg lane.
Before long we stop at Little Easton Egg to have lunch.
There is a menu at this pub.
This is the menu

1. Boiled orange with roast cucumber and sugary potatoes served with blue cabbage and Summer Onions.

2. Fish and chops, with machine washed peas

3. Porridge soup

4. Roast trifle served with spotted custard, plus the whole pub.

After dinner we proceed to Fishinfingers, a picture postcard village, together with its sister village, Fishinchips.

Fishinfingers has a pidgeon pond and a shop that sells books that have been urinated on.[/b]

The End

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