The Essence of the State of Mind

A plunge into the darkness and the mind to find out who we really are and why we are here.

            As I stand out in the open field of the mind and the darkness, I wait for him. This field, a swirling black mass of the conscience of minds is a dangerous place to be. You all have it, and you can all visit it. If you are a Matunis, it’s a real risk being here, but not for me. It’s a dangerous place because this is where your Chtyla resides. But it’s your choice wither or not you take the plunge and find out what you are. You can only end up there by pure accident; only if you question who you are and if you even exist. Your mind’s mind, called a Chtyla, needs you to keep going. “My mind’s mind?” you may be asking, but do you really want to know the answer? Most who happen to stumble upon the answer to this question can’t handle the truth, and end it. Forever. When the Chtyla is stupid and dull enough to tell its Matunis the truth in an attempt to keep them motivated, they simply can’t handle it and conceive the idea that it isn’t worth “living” anymore and commit what the Chtylas refer to as Ajax. Or what Matunis call suicide. So if you feel brave enough to find out just what the Chtyla and the Matunis are, continue to read and be enlighted. But if you wish to continue your life just as you are, quit right now and never think about I’ve told you ever again. Be happy with your existence, live your life, fall in love, have kids, and die a happy old man or women. Now that the weak are gone, let’s continue.

            Every once and awhile, we get the thought of “Why are we here?” Maybe when you where a small child, first looking at the big picture and you asked your parents and they replied with the same generic response that every parent of their certain religion give their child. Or maybe when you’re having one of those long weekend nights when you can’t fall asleep and need something to think about to keep yourself entertained. Whatever the case, we’ve all thought that one thought at least once. The answer is (most likely) not what your parents said or what you thought of late at night and thought was surely the right answer but forgot it the next morning. No, the answer is a lot simpler, and rather depressing, than most people think. The answer is, simply, we are here for about two reasons: Enjoyment and Competition. Before you get the wrong thoughts, not for our enjoyment and competition. It’s for the Chtylas’ enjoyment and competitions. We are just their means to get it.

            You probably don’t exactly know what this means yet, and when you do after I tell you, you are most likely disregard it as mere fiction. “That can’t possibly be true!” you may think. But believe me, everything I say is 100 percent true. The reason you feel doubt is because your Chtyla doesn’t want you to commit Ajax.  You have to fight it to see the truth.

            But what exactly is a Chtyla?

            That simple question you are asking has two answers: the short answer and the long answer. The short answer is that it’s your mind’s mind. The long answer is what exactly a “mind’s mind” is. It starts with a bored celestial god. This god’s name is in a language that is no longer spoken throughout the galaxy and had no writing system. But for the propose of explanation, I’ll just call him Huga. Huga was the first god. The “god of the gods” per say. Huga created many gods that went on to create their own universes, with their own galaxies, with their own solar systems, with their own planets, with their own species and ecosystems. But all Huga had was his gods to watch and after an uncountable number of years, he became bored of watching his creations fiddle with their universes. Huga wanted to create a universe of his own, with his own species to fiddle with, for his gods had free reign to do whatever they wanted. So he did. And because he was the one god, his universe, solar system, and sun needed no name for it was the one true universe. This explains why we refer to our sun as The Sun, solar system as The Solar System, and universe as The Universe. But unlike his gods that let their species run free and develop themselves, Huga wanted something different. He wanted his species to work towards a set goal. So he created the Chtyla.

            When created, the Chtyla came out as a black mass of thought by mistake, a result of Huga not creating anything for a countless period of years. But, like any celestial god, he came up with the perfect solution. He would have the Chtyla be part of a conscience being, and would help the being achieve the goal Huga placed. As Huga created the beings, called Matunis, he needed a goal for the Chtyla to help the Matunis achieve. So he came up with the idea that the goal the Chtyla had to guide them on was total domination of a planet, which he called Xynes, but is commonly now known as Earth. The first Chtyla who’s Matunis achieved world domination won.

            But what exactly did it win? Well, Huga was not immortal, and he knew he was approaching the final stage of his life. When he died, all his creations died with him, and their creations with them, resulting in nothing at all existing. He didn’t want all his and his gods work to be in nothing, so he decided that whichever Chtyla won the competition would become the new true god, and could create its own gods and so on. He knew that it would take a very long time for the competition to be won, so he had nothing to do but watch the competition until the end of time.

            When Huga released the first wave of Chtyla guided Matunis onto Xynes, it was a slow start. The Matunis had a world of bare resources that they didn’t know how to use, and the Chtyla had no experience to guide them. Because one Matunis only lasted for about eighty years, they had to work fast. When the Matunis died or killed itself, referred to as Ajax, the Chtyla went back to Huga to get a assigned a new Matunis, which was born on Xynes, and had to start all over at guiding it from infancy to death with the information the Chtyla learned through their previous Matunis, and so on and so forth the cycle went and the cycle goes.

            After a couple thousand cycles the Chtyla had learned so much that they started guiding the Matunis with so much information that they started advancing at such as fast rate. The Matunis, calling themselves humans, built empires, drew borders, and developed an understanding of science and technology,  some Chtylas got very close to winning, but so far none have won. Getting a Matunis that could win the competition was all a matter of luck. Sometimes they’d get a Matunis that would all ready be born with a hunger for power by force without any Chtyla guidance like Hitler, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon. Sometimes they’d get a Matunis that was little more cunning in their approach, such as Ghandi, Buddha, and Jesus. But sometimes, they’d get unlucky with a Matunis that would have no motivation at all for anything, even with Chtyla guidance. When a Chtyla got a Matunis like this, they’d try to get them to do something that would get them killed, like commit murder or rob a bank. Sometime they try to get their Matunis to commit Ajax. And sometimes they get a Matunis that just wanted to live a happy normal life, and when a Chtyla wants to take a break from competing, they are content with that and are just there for the experience. And so on and so forth the cycle went and the cycle goes.

            Now that you know what you are, and why you’re here, you can do one of the three most common things that a Matunis does when it learns this information. You can commit Ajax, accept the information but continue with “your” life, or can disregard this as fiction and continue with your life. Or, for all I know, you can go do something entirely new with this information. It’s “your” choice. But, I want you to know that this is all true. I want the Matunis to be aware, I want you to know.

            If you still have doubts, I want you to slow down and think. Why, from the time you’re just a kid on a playground, do you want more than your fellow man? Why do humans feel the need to have more toy than their classmates, more money and a bigger house than your coworkers, or have more land than your neighboring country? Why do you feel this unexplainable urge to want? It’s because the Chtyla is guiding you towards domination, and so they can learn how to achieve it. But, if you still refuse to believe me, there is nothing more I can say or do to make you believe. Belief is one of the things a Matunis can control, so the power is all yours. If you want to believe that you fully control your life, go ahead and “live”.  And so and so forth the cycle went and the cycle goes.

            As I end my truth and go back to standing in this field of the darkness and the mind waiting for him, I’ve probably left a couple questions unanswered. Who I am and who I am waiting for. I regret to inform you that I cannot give you a name, for my name is in a language that is no longer spoken and had no writing system. But you can call me Huga. And I am waiting for the one to finally win the competition so I can finally rest forever. But as I look down upon you, I think maybe no one will ever win. Maybe all that I’ve done has been a waste, and it would be better if all that I have done die with me. Your final question by now would be “Why are you telling me this, if this is true, why tell us Matunis?” Well there is only a simple answer to this question. And it’s that I don’t know. It’s gotten quite dull watching the competition. Maybe a change in the playing field would change that. Maybe if the Matunis knew the truth and fought back against the Chtyla, it would make it interesting again. I could watch the Chtyla scramble to find a way to win; to learn how to deal with something new. And so on and so forth the cycle went and the cycle will go.  

The End

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