The Essence Of The Colour, The Colour Is Beige

The color is beige, plain old beige,

The color of paper in Tweedy Bird's cage,

The color of walls in tenement halls,

The color of office cubicle stalls .


Beige can be bland, the color of sand,

Darker than white and lighter than tan,

A color that's known for being in-between,

This color and that, but easy to clean.


Beige isn't bold, like silver or gold,

It's more of the color of paper grown old.

Seldom do you hear of beige being bold,

For beige is the color of passion gone cold.


Beige is what's left when you cannot choose,

Whether to paint your walls, pink, or to paint them, chartreuse.

Beige is the color that is boring but cool,

Maybe this is why its the color of school.


But give beige its due, it's value is true,

Its humble and pleasant and cooperative too,

It doesn't compete, it tries not to clash,

Leaving all that excitement to the colors with flash.



The End

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