The Essence Of The Colour, The Colour Is Yellow

A primrose in the spring,

And a canary's wing,

A little curl of butter

Gorse bushes, all a-flutter.


How toddlers paint the sun

And stars, when having fun.

Bananas on the tree,

And lemon curd for tea.


Some Cornish clotted cream

(With scones and jam, a dream)

A grapefuit, cut in half,

And Rupert's patterned scarf.


I hold beneath your chin

A buttercup; your skin

Reflects its yellow hue.

Do you like butter, too?


A slice of cheddar cheese,

And buzzy bumblebees.

A vase of daffodils

Or otherwise, jonquils.


Yes, lots of yellow here

This colour, full of cheer

Can't fail to make me smile,

At least, just for a while.

The End

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