The Essence of the Colour, The Colour is Teal

The color of... teal?!
Hold on, let's be real:
This color has very little poetic appeal!

It hardly knows what to do:
Is it greenish blue
Or should it be bluish green? Up to you!

It has, to my dismay
Become a sporty display
For teams like the Sharks of San Jose

And I must admit
When the sun does hit
Teal tinged waters just so, my heart does flit

Here's one more thing:
Apparently on a mood ring
Teal indicates emotions are charging

For something named after a duck
This color has some pluck
And I guess, after all, it doesn't really suck

Ok teal, we're done with thee
On to the next color, finally!
And don't worry: I didn't pick burgundy

The End

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