The Essence of Color (Colour), the Color (Colour) is White

The color which has nothing of its own

No hues, no shades and no tone

But this color is the color of the light

And somewhere in it, all other colors hide


The color which stands for peace and calm

The color which reflects an angel’s charm

The color, on a widow, in my country you will see

To show her life is still, colorless and empty


This is also the color of many dreams

As white is the bridal dress in many countries

White is the color of the horse, the prince rode

In every fairy tale, that has been the code


White is also the color of snow

Color on the face that’s lost the glow

White with black completes the pair

Creating grey which we all wear

Cause that is the color of the character in you and me

Though white is what we all would want to be


The End

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