The Essence of Colour; the Colour is Purple

Purple, the color of grapes,

Of bumps and bruises and scrapes,

It is red and its blue, a blend of the two,

And the color of  Batman's capes.


Purple's the color of kings,

And certain amethyst rings,

It was made from the blood of certain slow slugs,

Did the royalty know of such things?


Deep Purple's the name of band,

That played rock and roll cross the land,

They sang mighty loud to the pothead crowd,

Who gave the Purple a thunderous hand.


Jimi Hendrix played in his days,

A song he called Purple Haze.

He played it at Woodstock with the great Moby Grape,

Ah, the 60's, those were the days.


But now purple's become something more,

Something of cultural lore,

When kids nowadays, think of purpley ways,

They think of Barney the Dinosaur.





The End

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