The Essence of the Colour: the Colour is Green

the colour green
with a most varied sheen
paints ribbons across the city.

the colour of yards
of grand boulevards
and where we yell "Fore!" so loudly.

it is jade nuggets mined
eyes of the most exotic kind
and Canada's bill meaning twenty.

envy takes a cue
from this abundant hue
and the face when all's topsy-tipsy.

it's the skin of a toad
and when seen on the road
we accelerate, zero to fifty.

once green behind the ears
in much younger years
and a greenhorn when we're not ready.

a witch's complexion
a potion for wretchin'
the green cross of a French pharmacie.

the sensation of mint
an emerald glint
the pine that is my Christmas tree.

this colour that's rife
the colour of life
a colour to always surround me.

The End

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