Saying Good-bye always HurtsMature

Jack's body was visible in the moonlight and covered by my silk sheets that by tomorrow will mean nothing but superficial indulgence. His slanted brown eyes stared wildly into my soul. Good-bye always hurts, so this was the silence that pertained to it. Avoiding those exact words.

Swallowing became a loud sound that echoed through the room but the warmed place had hushed the rains noise. He took his hand and caressed my face as I felt the tender touch become part of me.

"I love you,you know that don't you?" I said as I quickly glance at him. I want to remember him like this, calm, sturdy, manly and beautiful. I stir the sheets a bit and look in my vanity's mirror.

"Of course I know you love me, and I love you," he said as he grabbed my chin to look into his hypnotized stare again. "Always will Emilie." I turn toward the door and waver my look past him through the foggy sky that at one point I'd find stars.

Good-bye was inevitable, loud or silent, its all the same stab in the heart.

The End

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