shield the light with your eyes

You shield the light with your eyes to see what is going on, but while doing this, you start to feel a little funny. You also start to feel a lot of pain down below your stomach. Your throat starts to hurt, and your body starts to burn all over. You scream in pain, but instead of hearing a normal low pitched scream, you hear a high one. Being surprised about this and being in pain makes you shut your mouth and close your eyes even tighter. When the blue light starts to fade you open your eyes back up to realize that your hair had gotten longer and had changed colors.  You now have light blue hair and shaded brown eyes. The realization kicks in that you have a higher voice, slender arms, bigger chest, and longer legs. Your a girl now, and you also start to notice that everyone in the crowed including Roger have turned into girls as well with different color hair and different hair styles as well. The clothes the girls now wore from the suits and tuxedos were now different kinds of dresses and apparel from around the world. Your clothes are different now too from the black sweater you wore with the blue jeans were now a light purple dress with frills. Den Ario starts to talk again "I shall now hopefully find the girl to be by future wife."  He starts sort all the guys who have transformed into girls out. He starts  says something to them and they  either faint or kneel down and cry, after that their dresses and apparel turn into a maids outfit. He gets close to Roger (know rogue) says something to her and she falls down and cries. Her orange dress that complimented her orange hair had now turned into a maids dress. The last transformed guy into girl he approaches is you. He whispers in your ear, "Your mine forever, and there is no escape." Hearing this you blush and are filled with emotions. You don't know how to act. You..

The End

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