Hide under the table

You duck for cover before the blue light shines more brightly. It seemed to be not so normal and felt funny coming near you. Probably wouldn't have been good if you were hit by it. Ducking for cover sounded like the best option available for you. Staying under the table for more then a minute you see the blue light fade. You decide to take a peek outside the table to see if the blue light faded out. As you look outside to the left of your eye you see were the group of men were have now all seemed to be replaced by women. You decide that it is probably best to ask what is going on by asking the girl in the orange dress with orange hair to what happened to all the guys in the courtyard. The girl looks at you surprised and gets down at your level. "your still here! I thought everyone was doomed for this fate. Are you ok?" Not understanding what this girl was talking about you ask if you have met before. The girl tells you that she was Roger, and you step back in disbelief. "you probably avoided the blue light that came from Den Ario. I don't know how to say this but you need to get out of here before he finds you. Legend has it he is a vampire decended from Dimitri Maxamoff." You hide back into the table and hear footsteps come up to the girl that was once known as your friend Roger and whispers in her ear. You overhear the words "Your mine and there is no escape" come from Den Ario. the girl laughs and says "sure there is no escape, but you forgot one thing, my friend is still here you murderer of men!"  You then overhear from Den Ario "My... my... you were brought up... violently. Perhaps we need a little, readjustment?" You look out from the cloth and see a red light. You hear the girl scream from what sounded from an adult woman to what seemed to a small girls voice. You see from the shadow of the girl that she had probably shrunk in size, but what do you do? Hide here quietly and see what happens or do you make a break for it?

The End

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