Go to the Banquet

Looking at stuff can wait. Right now getting to the Banquet is what matters most. You go to the courtyard and sit down in the back row tables. You see many other guys in the front wearing tuxedos and formal sport suits. You on the other hand are just wearing a black sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a polo shirt. Your probably the nerdiest guy here. you soon spot Roger who pops out of the castle wearing a turtleneck sweatshirt and black slacks. He looks at you like your a stranger with these clothes on and soon remembers what happened to your luggage. "Sorry, I forgot what happened to your luggage bloke" being sympathetic. You wave your arm to him saying its alright and just enjoy the party. Soon everyone shows up and are towards the front. Only you and Roger are in the back, but soon Roger goes up to the front to meet other people. About five minutes when everyone shows up a stage appears from underground. Seeing this as if it came from a movie or TV show that something pops up out of the ground. Then a man In a nice formal red suit pops out. He was straight formed and slender. His hair was spiked up and  stood out among the five hundred chosen. He went to the center and announced "Thank you for coming my dear gentlemen. I thank you for accepting my invitation for coming here to wales." He sort of had a Romanian accent but everyone could understand him. "My name is Den Ario, and I am happy to announce that you are all involved with my plan I have for you." All the guys in front including Roger were wondering what he was saying. Calling them important for being a plan he had? Was this guy some want to be salesman? He then changed his happy appearance to a forceful one. "If you were expecting something from me, forget it. Instead I was expecting something from all of you!" He said loudly. He then started to glow bright blue and was so bright he could make anyone in the audience blind. What do you do?

The End

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