Leave it...

    You decide to leave your luggage where it is seeing as to know that it is outside. You start to curse helping Roger find his passport but seeing the helpless guy as he is  and absent-minded it was unavoidable. Roger tries to shift the blame onto him and feels responsible for what had happened to you earlier. you reply to him saying that it is not such a big deal knowing that the only thing you lost where the English cookies and a pair of clothes. The train last for only a few hours and you arrive at your destination. The beautiful country that lies before you leaves you in an awe of its wonders. The green grass growing in the hills and the sparkling water that flows from streams catches everyones attention. Roger comes up behind you and shouts "This place is awesome! Lets go find that banquet, and after that lets stay here for a few days". You and Roger look at the scenery around you while finding the address toward your destination. You don't have to go far seeing that there is a huge crowd of people in front of you heading for the same Building. The building looks like that of a castle but that of a modern day taste to it. The thing that  makes it tell that it is an old castle is the drawbridge in front of the castle that goes over the lake. Before you gross the lake you and Roger are stopped by an old woman at the side of the road. "Do you enter that castle?" She says to you. You and Roger nod and explain the situation with her. She replies in a manner which puts her hand on her chin and she thinks loudly, "I remember the day I entered the castle. I was a young one myself. But when I entered that castle I realized I would never be the same ever again." You and Roger look at one another and back at the old woman. She just smiles and says "You two be careful now you hear?" She smiled and left without another word. You and Roger look once more at each other and laugh. You then enter inside the modern looking castle with the other five hundred chosen people. You and Roger see many young healthy girls dressed up as maids come out and greet everyone who just entered. You look around the castle and you notice something really strange. All the five hundred chosen people are all male. You can't spot out one female. You ask the beautiful maid with brown locks of hair that if there are any girls around besides the beautiful maids. She laughs and says "why sir, that would only give us competition." She smiles and leads you to your room leaving Roger behind. "This is your room my lord." she says in a humble manner. You thank her and open the door. Its a small room, smaller then what you are used to but it is a nice one at that. You ask her if everyone gets their own room for the night and the maid just smiles. She replies, "Everyone should be able to get a room for themselves tonight." She then curtsies and says we will be expecting you for dinner shortly. Please come down as soon as you can. She then leaves you in your room. Looking around a bit you notice that there are some cool things in this room. What do you do?

The End

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